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  • TeriNoelTowe@aol.com
    I am taking the liberty of sending this message to all six of the early music lists that I own and moderate, as well as -- on a blind opy basis to every one
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2001
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      I am taking the liberty of sending this message to all six of the early music lists that I own and moderate, as well as -- on a blind opy" basis to every one in my e-mail address book who I know to be interested in early music in one way or another, and I apologize to each and every one of you who gets multiple postings of it as a result.

      As my posting to The Countertenors List, which is appended to the end of this e-mail, indicates, I took advantage of one of these special offers several months ago when I stumbled across the Goldberg Magazine website, at http://www.goldberg-magazine.com.  I had not paid much attention to the magazine up until that point , but I have to say that I am awfully glad that I subscribed and took advantage of the opportunity to obtain all of the back issues.  (Only I hope that yours are packed more securely than mine were!)  

      As I wrote in my posting to The Countertenors List, there is no magazine of its kind that has production values this high, and you will want to keep the issues on your library shelves in perpetuity. Not since the legendary and sadly long defunct German music magazine, Die Musik, has there been a music magazine of such indisputable high quality in terms of both content and quality of printing.

      I also was pleased to discover that the magazine passes muster with my alter ego, Woolly, the HIP Woolly Mammoth, and passes with flying colors.  The magazine is NOT infected, with rare exceptions, with Performance Practice Puritanism. While I was annoyed that one critic made disparaging remarks about the wonderful disc of Cabezon played on a modern concert grand that Antonio Bacieros included as a bonus in his traversal of the complete keyboard works of Cabezon, I was thrilled to see that not only did Goldberg review the DGG reissue of  Rosalyn Tureck's early 1950s recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier, but also that the recordings were accorded a senstitive and understanding review, one that can be fairly described as a rave.

      The staff of critics, from all over the world, is unsurpassable, and it includes such luminaries as Igor Kipnis.

      If you do choose to subscribe, please do me the personal favor of sending in your subscription through Flavio, at


      For those of you who are unfamiliar with this enthusiastic and hard-working young man (with whom I have done battle on more than one occasion!  {;-{)}  ), he is the founder of the Orfeo List at yahoogroups.com.  He is also a fine countertenor and sopranist, a keyboard player, and an especially hardworking university student who is studying to be a translator and interpreter.  (How he finds time to do all that he does, I do not know, especially since he has told me how heavy his course load is this coming year!)  Flavio has been named Goldberg's "Official Friend of Subscribers", and we will help to assure the Editors and Publishers of this extraordinary magazine that they have chosen well, if each new subscriber who chooses to come on board as a result of reading this e-mail, contacts Flavio directly and signs up through him.

      My best!


      PS:  I neglected to mention that the magazine comes in two different bi-lingual editions, English/French and English/Spanish.  

      cc:  Flavio, Goldberg Magazine

      Message: 5
         Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:50:17 +0200
         From: "Flavio \"Senesino\" FBG" <1492@...>
      Subject: Goldberg Special Offer

      The complete Goldberg Magazine of Early Music
      collection (first 14 issues) at an exceptional price!

      Europe: 69 Euros + 5 Euros (p.p)
      US: 86$ + 6$ (p.p)
      Other Countries: 105$ + 6$ (p.p)

      Details from Flavio : 1492@...

      Love, F.


      Message: 9
         Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 22:32:55 -0000
         From: "Teri Noel Towe" <TeriNoelTowe@...>
      Subject: Re: Goldberg Special Offer

      I finally got around to subscribing to Goldberg when the special
      offer was for the first 12.  It is a bargain at the price that Flavio
      mentions, believe me, and you will want to keep the issues on your
      library shelves "von nun an und ewig", as I plan to.  No music
      magazine, I repeat, no music magazine has the production values that
      this magazine does.

      The staff of reviewers is the ne plus ultra -- knowledgeable and fair
      in their assessments of the discs reviewed, and each issue contains
      an interview with a prominent early music performer as well as a
      discographic feature of some kind.

      My best!

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