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Revised Purpose Statement for HandelAndHisWorld@yahoogroups.com

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  • TeriNoelTowe@aol.com
    Handelians all, whoever you may be! In response to the happy news that HANDEL-L, still under the aegis of the American Handel Society, is alive and well and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2001
      Handelians all, whoever you may be!

      In response to the happy news that HANDEL-L, still under the aegis of the
      American Handel Society, is alive and well and now a colleague list at
      YahooGroups, I have revised the purpose statement that is found at the
      HandelAndHisWorld page at YahooGroups.

      As HandelAndHisWorld's subscribers already know from a message that I posted
      several days ago,  one of my major reasons for establish HandelAndHisWorld,
      namely, by-passing the delay and the "moderation" of the "old" HANDEL-L, now,
      clearly, is moot.

      But, another facet of HandelAndHisWorld remains very much alive, and it is a
      facet, implicit in the List's name, that continues to differentiate it from
      HANDEL-L, and that significant difference, a difference that encourages
      Handelians to subscribe to both lists, now is reflected in the following
      revised purpose statement:

      Welcome to HandelAndHisWorld!

      The free and unfettered (but flame-free!) discussion of Handel, his
      contemporaries, forebearers and followers, and the live and recorded
      performances of his music is the central purpose of HandelAndHisWorld, but
      concert and recording release announcements are also encouraged, as are
      collateral reports of the activities of committed performers of the music of
      Handel and his contemporaries, whether HIP or anachronistic are also welcome.
       Issues and inquiries concerning Handel reception history will also find a
      happy home at HandelAndHisWorld.

      Discussion of and inquiries about collateral and related figures and issues,
      such as the musicians and singers with whom Handel worked, the builders of
      the organs and the harpsichords that he used, his patrons, the architects of
      the buildings which he knew and in which he presented his performances, are
      also encouraged.

      HandelAndHisWorld is a cordial and complementary colleague to HANDEL-L, which
      has recently moved to YahooGroups.
      Traditionally, HANDEL-L always has focussed tightly on Handel.  
      HandelAndHisWorld is intended to encompass topics that may run the gamut from
      discussions of the Wren churches and their suitability as performing venues
      for an HIP recreation of one of Handel's Foundling Hospital "Messiah"
      performances to "Does anybody have a copy of that disco single called
      "Hallelujah 2000", which is based on "For unto us a child is born" and

      HandelAndHisWorld is a venue for a discusson of or an inquiry about any topic
      relevant to Handel and the cultures in which he worked and flourished.  If
      one wants to express disappointment that no conductor has yet to get around
      to recording any of the anthems of John Travers, if one needs information
      about Willem Defesch or Pieter Hellendahl, if one wants to find out what
      academic institution bought the performing materials for Sir Michael Costa's
      Crystal Palace performances when they were sold at Sotheby's several years
      ago, if one is looking for a copy of Leonard Raver's black disc of keyboard
      works by Roseingrave, which is the first commerical recording of the 1612
      Ruckers harpsichord in Fenton House, the instrument that is alleged to have
      belonged to Handel, if one seeks information on and documentation about the
      "drag" parties that were regularly held at Vauxhall Gardens,
      HandelAndHisWorld is a venue for such postings.

      I now repeat the words of welcome to HANDEL-L that I sent out to all of you
      who subscribe to HandelAndHisWorld  several days ago:

      I am a Life Member of the American Handel Society, and I am sure that its
      records will indicate that I am among the first to have joined, over 15 years
      ago.  I also am a subscriber to HANDEL-L, and I have been since I got my
      first home computer.  I also was the second to subscribe to the "new"
      HANDEL-L, after its owner/moderator.  I subscribed right after I got David's
      notice and before I sent out the news of its existence.  It delights me that
      I am the first to have come on board, and it will delight me, too, if the
      subscribers to HandelAndHisWorld take subscriptions to HANDEL-L, as well.

      Let us welcome our "revamped" colleague, HANDEL-L.  Let us remember fondly
      Howard Serwer, the founder of HANDEL-L,  give thanks to Graydon Beeks for
      having shepherded it after Howard's death, and acknowledge with gratitude the
      work of Brad Leissa who so elegantly smoothed and facilitated the move of  
      HANDEL-L to YahooGroups.com.  

      Finally, let us join David Vickers in continuing to build on the legacy.

      My best and my thanks always,

      Teri Noel Towe


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