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"Bach on Thursday" - 14 broadcasts beginning June 5, 2008

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  • TeriNoelTowe@aol.com
    Bach on Thursday - 14 Broadcasts, Beginning June 5, 2008 Once well-known as a classical music broadcaster in New York City, where he used the pseudonym, The
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      Bach on Thursday - 14 Broadcasts, Beginning June 5, 2008

      Once well-known as a classical music broadcaster in New York City, where he used the pseudonym, "The Laughing Cavalier", Teri Noel Towe will return to the airwaves for 14 weeks this summer, at WPRB, the Princeton University student radio station at which he presented a twice-weekly classical music show while a Princeton undergraduate. 

      A member of the Princeton University Class of 1970, Towe will present "Bach on Thursday" each Thursday morning from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M., EDT, beginning on June 5, 2008.  The 14 five-hour broadcasts will be devoted exclusively to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and the performances Towe will share with his audience will be drawn entirely from his own extensive collection of Bach recordings on 78s, LPs, and CDs, a library of some 12,000 recordings that is the result of 50 years of relentless and systematic collecting.

      Towe plans to present particularly rare and unusual recordings, and all of the programmes will have threads of one kind or another.  Among the installments planned are "Bach on Instruments He Played or Built by Luthiers He Knew", "Bach on Weird Instruments", "Bach Behind The Iron Curtain", "The Chaconne, the Passacaglia, and the Toccata in D Minor - Bach's 3 Musical Chameleons", "Ifor Jones and the Bach Choir of Bethlehem", and "Six 20th Century British Pianists Play Bach:  Harold Samuel, James Friskin, Harriet Cohen, Maurice Cole, Dennis Matthews, and Nina Milkina".

      Towe also plans to present a programme entitled "Bach in Britain in the 1920s", which will feature a number of rare, historic recordings to be included in a multi CD album scheduled to be published later this year, or early in 2009, with the participation of the American Bach Society. This programme also will include a broadcast of the first complete recording of the Mass in B Minor, BWV 232, which was made in London in 1929.

      The opening and closing programmes in the series - "Bach Went to Princeton and Was Graduated with Highest Honors" - will feature recordings made by Princeton University alumni, Princeton University faculty members, and Princeton residents. Recordings by such distinguished artists as William H. Scheide, '36, h'70, and H'94 (the founder and first Director of The Bach Aria Group), Carl Weinrich (University Organist at Princeton, 1943 - 1973), Arthur Mendel (legendary Bach scholar and Chairman of the Music Department at Princeton University in the 1950s and 1960s), Charles Rosen, '48 and *51, Joshua Rifkin, *70, Ann Monoyios, '72 and *74, William Parker, '65, Ralph Downes (University Organist at Princeton, 1928 - 1935), and Robert and Gaby Casadesus will be aired.

      WPRB's broadcast frequency is 103.3 FM.  A community supported radio station qualified to accept tax deductible contributions, WPRB is located in Bloomberg Hall on the Princeton University campus, in Princeton, New Jersey. WPRB also broadcasts over the internet from its website at http: //www.wprb.com, and makes its programming available through iTunesĀ®.

      For more information or a copy of his curriculum vitae, please contact Teri Noel Towe at:


      I apologize to all who receive this mailing more than once.

      My best and my thanks always,

      Teri Noel Towe

      The Face Of Bach

      "Those in charge are odd and ambivalent towards music, which means I have to live with almost non-stop vexation, envy, and persecution."

      Johann Sebastian Bach, October 28, 1730

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