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Re: [TheFaceOfBach] new organ and harpsichord recordings released

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  • Peter Watchorn
    Hi Dr. Brad, WTC 1 is now complete, with all spacing, mixing and mastering done. Unrecognisable compared to what you have there - and I mean that in the best
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2006
      Hi Dr. Brad,
      WTC 1 is now complete, with all spacing, mixing and mastering done. Unrecognisable compared to what you have there - and I mean that in the best way. We discovered one specific thing that vastly improved the sound, tuning: everything. Down in the frequency range at around 50 hz, we discovered that the sound of the keys hitting the keybed was setting up an almost constant, nearly inaudible "field" - an air resonance that simply pervaded everything. We were able to isolate the frequency and turn it down 18 db. Presto! The thing now sounds like magic. Now the 4' sounds bang in tune! Isn't acoustics an odd business?
      Soon I'll send you the real thing, and you can use the version you have as drink coasters.
      After lots of listening, my belief that your discovery is real has set into cold, hard certainty (quite a different thing, actually). There are just so many subtleties of interplay between different parts of the tuning circle that, together, reveal so much about the music that the chances that this is either a fluke or somehow "wrong" are simply non-existent. F minor and B flat minor (among others) just sound too damned breathtakingly good for this to be accidental.
      It'll be out in time for March 21st. Any ideas on getting the word out? Working on Book 2 - recording around May (I think). I'll use the big Harrass and pedal (it'll sound great in the church, and with the tuning).
      Hope you're well - and thanks for info about your own CDs - I'll get all of them. BTW - if you're ever over this way, please let me know - it'd be great to meet up.

      Brad Lehman <bpl@...> wrote:

      This is to announce two new CD sets released January 4th 2006,
      recorded in March 2005.  I am the performer and producer of
      both of these sets.  They use the specific keyboard tuning that
      I believe was Bach's own, which evidence I have explained at
      and in various publications during 2005 (Early Music, The
      Diapason, Clavichord International, BBC Radio 3 broadcast,
      et al).

      Press release about the two recordings:
      Ordering information:

      The organ set "A Joy Forever: Opus 41 at Goshen College" demonstrates
      the new two-manual pipe organ at Goshen College (Indiana), built by
      Taylor & Boody Organbuilders (Virginia).  The music is by Bach,
      Brahms, Walther, Fischer, Erbach, Zachow, and some others.  To my
      knowledge this is the first *complete* recording of Fischer's
      _Ariadne musica_ including its five ricercars: a book that inspired
      Bach's composition of the Well-Tempered Clavier.  The details of this
      set are at
      3 CDs, $30.00 USD plus shipping.  Total time slightly over 3 hours.

      The single disc "Playing From Bach's Fancy" has nearly an hour of
      harpsichord music by JS Bach and WF Bach, and 20 minutes on the
      organ.  Preludes, fugues, sinfonias, polonaises, duetti, chorale
      preludes, excerpts from the Musical Offering and Art of Fugue, and
      several other tidbits.  The harpsichord is a Franco/Flemish style
      double by Knight Vernon, and owned by Goshen College.  The album
      details are at
      1 CD, $15.00 USD plus shipping.  Total time 77 minutes.

      The Taylor & Boody organ Opus 41 used in these recordings:


      The trumpet + organ album "In Thee is Gladness" from January 2005
      (recorded 1997) is also still available:
      My colleague on that, Dr Martin Hodel, is a member of the Minnesota
      Orchestra, and teaches trumpet and music theory at St Olaf College.
      We recorded this album on two equal-tempered organs in northern
      Germany.  It includes a variety of compositions by Buxtehude,
      Brahms, Bach, Viviani, Baldassare, Pachelbel, Cellier, Bernstein,
      Starer, and Lehman.  1 CD, $15.00 USD plus shipping, ordered by
      e-mail inquiry to hodel@... .

      Enjoy the music,

      Bradley Lehman
      Dayton VA
      17 January 2006

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