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The International Dieterich Buxtehude Society Newsletter

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  • TeriNoelTowe@aol.com
    For those who are interested in joining or in subscribing to the Society s official Yahoo Group Discussion List, here is the latest newsletter from the IDBS.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      For those who are interested in joining or in subscribing to the Society's official Yahoo Group Discussion List, here is the latest newsletter from the IDBS.

      My best and my thanks,


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      Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of Buxtehude!

      This is the first newsletter after the founding of the International Dieterich Buxtehude Society. Its aim is to inform about the results of the founding.

      1.) A report about the founding weekend has been published on our website. At http://www.dietrich-buxtehude.org/english/news/news.html you will find information and images. The society’s constitution has got its final form and the first Governing Board was elected. The most important aspects of the constitution can be read at http://www.dietrich-buxtehude.org/english/society/society.html, a complete german version can be found at http://www.dieterich-buxtehude.org/gesellschaft/gesellschaft.html.
      The members of the Governing Board are:

      Prof. Ton Koopman (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, President)
      Dr. Joachim Walter (Luebeck, Germany, Vice President)
      Karl-Bernhardin Kropf (Hamburg, Germany, Secretary)
      Nathalie Brueggen (Luebeck, Germany, Treasurer)
      Prof. Dr. Kerala J. Snyder (New Haven, CT, USA, Assessor)
      Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandberger (Luebeck, Assessor)
      Arndt Schnoor (Luebeck, Assessor)

      The annual membership dues shall be:
      Reduced: EUR 20,- for students and part-time church musicians / organists
      Normal: EUR 40,-
      Institutions: EUR 100,-
      It is possible to donate more than the determined dues. After completing the registration procedure donations to the International Dieterich Buxtehude Society are tax deductive according to German law. Payments within the Eurpean Union should be made via IBAN/BIC. A PayPal-gateway to allow online credit card payments shall be installed..

      2.) Working on administration has started. When the definite postal address of the society and its bank account can be announced, all members will receive further information. We ask our members for patience and understanding!
      About other projects of the Society there will be more information in future.

      3.) If you want to announce an event concerning Buxtehude on our website please mail to webmaster@....
      For sharing information and opinions we recommend our own forum http://www.dietrich-buxtehude.org/forum/forum.html and, for pro internet users, a Yahoo Group, where also audio files and music files can be posted and loaded: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Dietrich_Buxtehude/ (a non-binding Yahoo registration is necessary).

      Until the next information, yours sincerely
      Karl-Bernhardin Kropf, Secretary and webmaster, on behalf of the Board

      Teri Noel Towe

      c/o Ganz & Hollinger, P. C.
      1394 Third Avenue
      New York, NY 10021-0404 USA
      212-517-5500 (voice)
      212-772-2216 (telefax)

      The Face Of Bach

      "Those in charge are odd and ambivalent towards music, which means I have to live with almost non-stop vexation, envy, and persecution."

      Johann Sebastian Bach, October 28, 1730

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