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1The Long Lost Portrait of Bach: UPDATES!

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  • TheFaceOfBach@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2000
      Greetings to you all!

      I am overwhelmed by the excitement that this announcement has generated, and,
      in response, I ended up staying up most of the night, quickly tidying up
      rough drafts and cleaning up html for a number of additional pages which
      provide necessary background information.

      Those have been uploaded and are now accessible for you to look at. I look
      forward to your comments and suggestions.

      I will continue to send updates out myself, but, because there are so many of
      you, I am happy and humbled to say, it probably would be easier and more
      reliable for you to subscribe to TheFaceOfBAch list at e-groups.

      The URL is:


      If you are not registered with e-groups, it's easy. Subscribing to the list
      will also enable you to participate in the discussions that I am sure will
      begin to take place as the weeks and months go by.

      Also, the "official" website has opened, thanks to the kindness of my friend
      Nathan Johansen, who also hosts my home page and provides the American mirrow
      site for the Bach cyber-bibliographer, Yo Tomita.

      The URL of the official site is:


      The GeoCities site will continue to be maintained as a mirror site.

      Thanks to you all for your many messages of thanks and congratulations.

      The Weydenhammer descendants join me in thanking you for your interest and
      kind wished as well as in saying, "You're welcome!"

      I hope to have more pages up for you to look through within ten days to two

      Many, many thanks again for your interest and support!

      Best wishes!

      Teri Noel Towe