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Fw: Intergenerational writing project

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    Hi all, this appears to have boucned back, so am resending Cheers Nick ... From: NICHOLAS POLLARD To: the.fwwcp@gmail.com;
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      Hi all, this appears to have boucned back, so am resending

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      Subject: Intergenerational writing project

      Hi all
      Steve and I have been talking about the possibility or organising another Transatlantic Fed. This was a project where a good number of people from the Fed took part in a blog with people from the US, and some of them came to visit us in 2006. We think we might be able to develop a project with an intergenerational theme. Steve think there may be a possibility of linking people from the westside of Syracuse in the USA - a neighborhood which has seen a different population move in almost every generation - Eastern European, African-American, Latino with FED/UK writers based in a similar neighborhood to create a book about intergenerational dialogue, emerging/declining traditions, hobbies, and possibly make it multilingual. Are there some Sheffield  or London based groups (I've extended London-based to include Hastings as this sounds like GROW or Stevenage Survivors territory, and I guess Sheffield's boundaries could be similarly extended to a wider radius - Pecket, Bradford, Wakefield, Leeds) that might be interested?
      There is a possiblity of doing quite a bit with this project as it also could offer some scope for people to not only write and exchange their stories and make friends but also, if some of them wanted to, be involved in research and presenting their work, something like we did with Voices Talk and Hands Write in Grimsby.
      Please get in touch soon if you'd like to do this.

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