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Re: [CWRAP] It's all gone very quiet!

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  • Stephen J Parks
    Hey all Did we ever finalize the workshops for the Writing Festival? If so, I can begin to put together a program and, once I hear from London/SU, begin to put
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 14, 2007
      Hey all
      Did we ever finalize the workshops for the Writing Festival? If so, I
      can begin to put together a program and, once I hear from London/SU,
      begin to put workshops in rooms?

      How are we advertising this?

      Quoting NICHOLAS POLLARD <n1ck.pollard@...>:

      > Hi all
      > I don't really have a format for the discussion of a new Fed
      > organisation. The workshop I have just proposed is not that, though
      > it might contribute to it. Had a chat with Lucia the other night and
      > apparently she and Lynne had discussed how it might actualy be
      > difficult to launch a Fed from November 3rd meeting, that it may
      > take a further meeting to do this, but we could use the November 3rd
      > meeting to guage interest and perhaps explore some of the things
      > that we ought ot build into a new organisation. After all, there may
      > be people from non FWWCP groups or people in those groups who
      > weren't that enamoured of the FWWCP but who would be interested in a
      > new community writing and publishing organisation without such an
      > ideologically constricted title. 'Community' may yet prove to be
      > another controversial term as it got rather abused during the
      > Thatcher era.
      > So I guess we would have to talk about
      > A) do we want to set up a new organisation and what would it do
      > (or set up an organisation which will find out what it might be able
      > to do, given some initial ideas to explore). This would have to be
      > a carefully managed discussion which aims to set out some potential
      > objectives which are achievable rather than spend a lot of time
      > dwelling on what has not happened before, otherwise it won't happen.
      > However, we should have a feedback form for the conference which
      > allows people to write these positive and negative things down so
      > that we can actually collate them to inform the committee elected or
      > delegated from the meeting.
      > B) Who would help to form a committee to do this. It would be
      > useful to perhaps identify from the people going whether there are
      > people who want to take on this role, in advance, as well as take
      > people from the floor.
      > C) Or, failing that, we carry on until the meeting where we can
      > launch the new organisation, having taken soundings at this meeting,
      > where we might be in a better position to have an election, since
      > we are on this list all people who are used to working with each
      > other and supporting each other in making things happen. This might
      > be more important now than democratic processes, it allows us to
      > take other volunteers on. Everyone at this stage is going to be
      > pretty much self financing until funds can be found, we are going
      > to do a lot through internet and phone.
      > Accommodation in London. One of the problems is going to be
      > accommodation that is affordable. Close to Faraday house it is
      > pretty expensive, and maybe the best bet is going to be Travel Lodge
      > rooms adventurously stuffed to the gills and tubes into the
      > Bloomsbury area. SU have a hotel they recommend but it isn't cheap.
      > We need to get publicity out so people can save and book early and
      > obtain reductions.
      > Otherwise you can do naughty things like park in a residential
      > street in the outskirts of London and take the tube in and out which
      > is cheaper than parking in London or running into congestion
      > charges. This may not be very secure but I have done this myself a
      > couple of times.
      > Cheers
      > Nick
      > stephen oakley <sg_oakley@...> wrote:
      > Hey folks
      > Do we have any publicity for the Nov 3rd event beyond what's being
      > discussed on this site yet? If we need help putting some together
      > Room in the Roof would be happy to get involved -we can advertise
      > locally and put it up on our website etc... Let us know.
      > We certainly want to attend. Any ideas on accomodation Steve P?
      > Can Faraday House offer anything or is it a case of finding a cheap
      > bed&breakfast?
      > Forest of Dean events sound great Roger!
      > Nick, do you have a plan for the format that the 'new Fed'
      > discussion will take. Do you see it being an open dialogue between
      > all in attendance or is it going to run similar to the old fed exec
      > meetings? Again be happy to offer what we can provide in helping out
      > there.
      > Ashley, can you send an invite to join this group (CWRAP) to one
      > of the Room in the Roof members please?
      > Her name is Elisia Mole, she's been with us from the beginning and
      > is currently acting coordinator/organiser for Room in the Roof.
      > She's been to Fedfests, knows the history and is keen to contribute.
      > Her email is: yegods232@... cheers mate!
      > All sounds great folks! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
      > Take care....
      > Steve...
      > NICHOLAS POLLARD <n1ck.pollard@...> wrote:
      > Hi Steve and all
      > We agreed the 3rd November. We had a plan for about 10 workshops,
      > bookstalls, reading in the pub across the road, and a meeting to
      > launch a new writing network in the UK. I know that one of the guys
      > from Stevenage Writers has already proposed a workshop, we also had
      > some outlines for others from the people on the exec, either
      > themselves or people they were going to ask to contribute, and it
      > would be good to get this discussion going to plan for the day. I
      > guess it would be a chance to have a UK launch for the Transatlantic
      > Fed book and perhaps if there are people from Syracuse coming over
      > there might be people who'd want to do something about writing in
      > the US.Things could be pretty slack over the summer and then we'll
      > find we have the conference to organise in a couple of months. We
      > need enough in place to begin publicising it as soon as possible.
      > Must apologise myself for having been quiet - it has been end of
      > the term, so lots of preparing paper work for the external
      > examiners, added to which although I've been fortunate to not have
      > been affected by the floods here in Sheffield there has been a fair
      > amount of disruption, so getting into work and the power supply has
      > been a problem. I'm just catching up today on stuff. One good thing
      > is that I can get some of the planning for the November event done
      > as work - so Sheffield Hallam University is one of our sponsors!
      > While I've got this written into my IPR I haven't got any specific
      > hours allocated to it...
      > Good to hear the news from Room in the Roof, looks really good.
      > Heard that Rosie Lugosi went over last week to see the Poetry Cafe
      > people again in New York - didn't get a chance to reply in time to
      > that email but it would be good to hear how that went. I've also
      > just found Erica Harding's email from our visit to Syracuse and
      > realised I've not been back in touch with her recently - but it
      > might be good to have something at the November conference about how
      > writing is organised through the unions in the US - this hasn't
      > happened very much in the UK since the 1980s. In the UK it would tie
      > in very well with the inclusive approaches to learning that are
      > being talked about a great deal - but how do we enable it to remain
      > a people's writing rather than something organised for us rather
      > than by us.
      > There is a lot of government rhetoric about community in the UK
      > which really looks as if the time for the Fed could have been now,
      > and we could, in the process of reorganising ourselves, take up some
      > of these initiatives. These span health, education, even some of
      > the stuff in relation to the Olympics, and it would be easy to be
      > sidetracked and flannelled by the language and the presentation of
      > these issues and lose the focus of sustained publishing and writing
      > projects which do stuff for the people writing them. They also
      > relate to the hearts and minds rhetoric in relation to the present
      > worrying situation. Writing and publishing in the community may be
      > part of keeping things together.
      > So, paradoxically perhaps, November is really a good time to be
      > organising this.
      > Cheers for now
      > Nick
      > Stephen J Parks <sjparks@...> wrote:
      > Hey all,
      > Steve Parks, from Syracuse University, USA. I've been talking to Nick
      > about have SU host the November Writers Festival at their building in
      > London -- Faraday House. Seems likes it a go, although at this moment
      > I can't seem to find the date. I think it was early Nov.
      > Not sure what workshops are being planned, but I expect ideas are welcome.
      > Syracuse is a small city, but i'd love to hear about your work
      > creating a network. We've done a bit of work here but it's been very
      > slow going.
      > I hope everyone is well and bearing up under the recent terror
      > attacks. Hard to gauge their effect from across the ocean.
      > Steve
      > Quoting stephen oakley <sg_oakley@...>:
      >> Hi folks, hope everyone is well?!
      >> Sorry it's been a while since I've mailed but things have been
      >> happening up here in Burslem with the former AB Writers -we're now
      >> called Room in the Roof for one thing!
      >> Anyways, we're beginning to establish ourselves as a bit of a
      >> presence in the city -we've had a few events in the last weeks which
      >> have laid the grounds for what we hope will become a network of
      >> city writing groups and musicians/artists -as well as academics
      >> from Staffs Uni -we read in their roadshow and have been in touch
      >> with a few of the students/lecturers on their creative writing
      >> degree.
      >> Go to www.roomintheroof.org to get a look at what we've been up
      >> to/what we are up to.
      >> Ashley, you asked if anyones up to anything; we are. In September
      >> we're hosting our first event at the Arts School in Burslem. It's
      >> nothing major, just an evening of readings, film and music
      >> performances and what not, but anyone who can make it is more than
      >> welcome to come along.
      >> We've then got stuff coming up in December. What I'm hoping is
      >> that we can make enough of a name for ourselves up here and gain
      >> enough experience that if CWRAP would like to get a mini-fest or
      >> something going on in Stoke (Burslem particularly) then Room in the
      >> roof will be in a strong position to help facilitate it.
      >> I've attached a leaflet of upcoming events for anyone who wants a look.
      >> Take care all....
      >> Steve...
      >> Ashley Jordan <ashley@...> wrote:
      >> Hi everyone
      >> Do we have a definite date for the November London MiniFest yet?
      >> There is just one event listed on the calendar (a shorelink summer
      >> party I posted myself a couple of minutes ago to make sure it was
      >> working properly!) Can we get a few more things in there? George glad
      >> to see you made it in and are finally using email the way the Universe
      >> intended :-) Perhaps you'd like to add the 'Something in the Night'
      >> Events to start us off?
      >> And what about the other groups? Are there any events coming up that
      >> CWRAP members could come along to?
      >> Love and Light, Ashley
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