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  • malcomson john
    Oct 4, 2011
    Hi Everyone
    Please find attached the minutes of last year's AGM.
    It would be helpful if you would ensure these are circulated to all groups members asap.  It would be even more helpful if anyone attending the FEDfest and in particular the AGM were to do two further things:
    Submit any suggested Corrections to the Minutes in writing by 26 October;
    Submit any Matters Arising from the Minutes in writing by 26 October.
    It should be noted that corrections are only to the factual record of the meeting, and therefore should only be submitted by people who were at the last AGM and believe the business was not as minuted.
    Also, matters arising should be confined to matters that will not be dealt with by other agenda items.  For example, if there is a question relating to TheFED's finances, this should be raised in connection with the Treasurer's Report, or if there is an item which is also referred to in the Chair's Report then it should be raised under Chair's Report.
    The reason for this is to expedite the business of the AGM which, although necessary, is the most boring part of the FEDfest.  If we can have all this in advance it will considerably speed up the AGM so we can all get back to doing the more interesting things that the FEDfest is about.
    In addition to my proposed Constitutional Amendment requiring the AGM Reports of the Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, and for matters arising from these reports to be submitted in advance of the meeting, I think it would be beneficial if we also formalised the business of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.  To that end I propose the following further Constitutional Amendment:
    "The minutes of the previous AGM shall be circulated in writing to all members of TheFED not less than twenty-eight days prior to the AGM, and Corrections to the Minutes and Matters Arising from the Minutes shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary or Chair not less than fourteen days prior to the AGM."
    See you all at the FEDfest on Saturday 5 November.