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822Workshops at the FEDfest 2011

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  • malcomson john
    Oct 4, 2011
    Hi Everyone
    Simon Jenner has just given me details of his workshop, so I have attached yet another list of workshop details.
    So far I have definite offers of ten workshops, but I still await details from Simon Walker and from Roy & Lucia.  I have also had offers from Paul King and Sue Rabbett, but while Paul has made a couple of suggestions as to his workshop, I am awaiting his decision as to which he intends to run, and Sue Rabbett has not yet given me any idea of the topic of her workshop.  Assuming both these arrive then we will have twelve workshops, enough for six in both the morning and afternoon slots, which is what we were aiming for.  All we will then have to do is hope everyone who has offered a workshop actually turns up to run it!
    I have booked a hotel for Jill and me on the Friday night, partly so I do not arrive tired from a very early start and partly because Jill wants to spend Saturday in London with her sister, and also it will give Jill and me a break together in London on the Friday.  We will be catching the 18.55 train back to Sheffield on the Saturday, so whether or not the Celebratory Reading has finished I will have to walk out by 6.00pm at the very latest; this is one reason why i have asked for the first slot at the Celebratory Reading, the other being that I have asked to crave the indulgence of members in being allowed a longer slot in order to read the piece I read at the celebration of my daughter Jessica's life that we held after her sudden and unexplained death.
    It is now exactly a month before the FEDfest.  I take Ashley's point that we do not have anyone in overall charge of the FEDfest, but in fact we do have a scheme for its organisation, based on who did what in previous years, and I do not think we need to be too alarmed that there is no one who has the designated title of 'Festival Organiser.'  I too am very happy for Paul to compere the Celebratory Reading as he always does it so well, and in any case we seem to have a number of the FEDfest tasks that are the purview of particular individuals: Lucia - catering; me - workshops; Ashley - paperwork; Louise - publicity material.  The only areas that still need to be settled are, assuming Ashley compiles the information for the Welcome Packs, who will print off and collate this, along with the acquiring of the folders themselves plus pens and notepads/books, and who will be putting up the direction signs and booking and allocating the rooms for the workshops.  If I am given the room numbers I am happy to allocate them for the workshops and circulate this, but it would be useful to have signs produced both on each room door and in the communal areas.  The room number could also go on the workshop sign-up sheets, which will also need to be produced.  I am not doing any of the paperwork, so please would someone put themselves forward for these tasks.  I am assuming Lucia is organising the catering as usual.  It would also be nice if we can have a banner to over the table with the workshop sign-up sheets, and also over a bookstall, which i assume we will be having.
    I also requested that AGM Reports from the Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary be circulated by today.  I hope the relevant people have done this.  I am proposing a Constitutional Amendment that these should always be prepared in writing and circulated to the membership by a given deadline, with questions/comments to be returned in writing by a given deadline, as this would help to expedite business at the AGM.  While I am not certain where to fit this into the Constitution, the proposed wording is:
    "Reports to the AGM from the Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary shall be written in advance circulated to the membership not less than twenty-eight days prior to the AGM.  Any questions or comments from the membership on these reports shall be made in writing to the Secretary or failing the Secretary to the Chair not less than fourteen days prior to the AGM.  The reports and any responses from the membership shall be circulated prior to the start of the AGM.  Any discussion of the reports at the AGM shall be confined to those questions and comments submitted in this way."
    I have sent in my booking form.  Do we have any idea of attendance numbers yet?
    See you all at the FEDfest on Saturday 5 November.  Let's hope the Celebratory Reading produces some fireworks!