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821Re: [TheFED] FEDfest 2011 Timetable, AGM Agenda & Workshops [2 Attachments]

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  • malcomson john
    Oct 3, 2011
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      Hi Paul
      Thank you for the offer of a workshop.  I generally leave it to the workshop leader to make his/her decision on the choice of workshop.  Having said that, I wonder whether a workshop on preparing to read for the Celebratory Reading would attract enough people, and also whether it would have sufficient content to fill a two-hour slot.  Of course, since you are offering it, you will know better than me, so please make your own decision.  I would be grateful if you would do this as soon as possible and then forward the title and blurb (I know you have done this already, but it is easier for if you cut and paste it into your email response.)
      As regards compering the Celebratory Reading, I do not make these decisions.  I agreed to organise the workshops but nothing more for the FEDfest.  Having said this, since nobody else seemed to be coming up with a timetable I thought I better do this, or we would end up with the same timetable as last year when we had a longer FEDfest and this would never do; likewise for the AGM Agenda.  I am quite happy for you to compere - it is COMPERE and not COMPARE by the way - as you seem to do it perfectly well.  If anyone wants another compere, or twin comperes, then perhaps they would say so.
      Whichever it is, I have one plea: as people are aware, our elder daughter Jessica died suddenly and totally unexpectedly in March, and the piece I want to read at the Celebratory Reading is what I wrote for a celebration we held of her life.  I would like to read this, and i would like to read first; I know it is a bit long for the usual time allowed, but I would hope that under the circumstances, and given the amount of time and effort I have put into TheFED  over the past ten or so years that I have been involved, I could be indulged with a little extra time on this occasion.
      Plea\se get back to me soonest about your workshop.
      See you at the FEDfest on Saturday 5 November.
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