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820Re: [TheFED] FEDfest 2011 Timetable, AGM Agenda & Workshops [2 Attachments]

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  • Paul J King
    Oct 3, 2011
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      Hi John,

      Firstly apologies I have not got back to you earlier – I am tending to go through these things in batches….

      As I said, happy to do anything or nothing depending on what people want….

      Two potential workshops:  

      Celebratory Reading rehearsal :-  Worried about performing your piece at the Celebratory Readings?  Not used to performing in public and want some tips on how to perform better in a friendly supportive atmosphere?  Then come along to the Celebratory Reading rehearsal and work to perfect your grand performance.

      Setting the scene:-  One of the hardest parts of creative writing is setting the scene, to describe things in such a way you draw your reader in and really get them to visualise and feel part of the piece.  This workshop will work in pairs to look at a simple way of thinking about scene setting and how this can be used in your own writing to aid description.

      Very best wishes,


      P.S.  I am also happy to compare again unless you have some new blood to do it…  I think Rodger and Lucia as a double act comparing would be especially good! :-)

      From: malcomson john <johnmalcomson@...>
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      Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 09:41:08 +0100
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      Subject: [TheFED] FEDfest 2011 Timetable, AGM Agenda & Workshops [2 Attachments]


      Hi Everyone
      I suggested that, barring MAJOR objections by the end of September, we should accept the provisional FEDfest 2011 Timetable and the AGM Agenda as definitive.
      I note that nobody has come up with anything that suggests we should not do this and also that we have passed the end of September..  Therefore we should now circulate both these to all members, both individual and group members, along with details of the workshops that have so far been offered.
      I attach all three of these documents for circulation.  I have had some other suggestions of people who might be prepared to offer workshops, but no further information or details.
      I also proposed that it would expedite matters of the Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary produced their AGM Reports in advance and these were circulated ahead of meeting, with a deadline for questions/comments to be submitted, as this would expedite business at the AGM.  My suggestion was that these should be written and circulated to members by 5 October, with a deadline of 26 October for the submission of questions/comments.  We would then be able to put everything in the Welcome Pack.  Please would the relevant officers do this, so we can have a businesslike AGM that will enable all attenders to do more of what they want during their limited time at the FEDfest: meeting other FED members; attending workshops; etc.
      Incidentally, I assume someone has in hand the production of welcome packs, or has it been assumed that Ashley (not a member of the Exec) will be doing this without actually being asked?
      See you all at Faraday House on Saturday 5 November.

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