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817Re: [TheFED] republic of letters now available as a kindle as well as print

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    Sep 21 11:55 PM
      Hi Ashley and all
      Hope all is well with you. Sorry I can't come to the Festival as it clashes with another conference I'm presenting at.
      I'm still very interested in pursuing the right to reproduce out of print publications from FWWCP groups, it has been a tricky process as groups have folded and no-one knows who might still have the copyright, and so many people have died, or moved on. If we can keep these books available it will be great. Steve and I have managed to negotiate a couple of books from Pecket and from Sally Flood which should be produced over this next year. Good to be able to do this, and I am hoping that some of Steve's students will be able to interview Sally over the internet.
      Still working on some research about what people find meaningful in their lives, based on the analysis of a sample of autobiographical texts from the FWWCP. A lot of these books, written in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s mostly, are now very significant sources of social and historical detail about the previous century. In working on them for these studies I've often been really affected by some of the experiences people talk about, even though in some cases I've read the books a few times already. Especially reading a whole bunch of them together. It's a form of writing which seems to have been dropped quite a bit in recent years in favour of poetry, or maybe it is being produced elsewhere. Unlike blogs, or the shorter forms that much writing takes today, these books - like the QueenSpark Market Books - offer an extended perspective on what people thought about their lives. It would be very intersting to hear from people who are working on autobiographies today, the issues involved in writing them and how they mean to publish them - it would be a workshop I'd like to run, maybe at a future minifest, or some other event in the next year.

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      Hi Nick that's good news - a kindle is on my wish list :-) 

      Hope you can come to the d=festival this year?

      love & light, Ashley

      On 12 September 2011 07:43, NICHOLAS POLLARD <n1ck.pollard@...> wrote:

      Hi all
      Steve Parks says the new edition of the Republic of Letters (the key book about the Federation of Worker Writers, containing many pieces of writing that might be tricky to find these days as well as thought provoking dsicussion of the establishment of the workshop movement that led to TheFED) is now available as a kindle as well as a print copy, from amazon.uk.com, type in Republic of Letters Morely and it appears.
      Hope everyone is well and had a good summer

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