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815FEDfest 2011 Workshops

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  • malcomson john
    Sep 15, 2011
    Hi Everyone
    Please find attached the (still) provisional timetable for FEDfest 2011.  We are getting close to the date of the FEDfest now and I want us to state that unless we have MAJOR objections to this timetable by the end of September, it will be accepted at definitive and distributed accordingly.
    Please also find attached details of the workshops so far offered.  Two of them do not have details beyond the title, and I think a couple of the others might benefit from being amended.  I have said that I will start allocating these workshops to either morning or afternoon sessions at the end of September, so if anyone has any preferences I should be informed by then (Lucia I have noted your request for an afternoon slot.)
    You will also note that we have only seven workshops so far, and we agreed to offer twelve (six in the morning and six in the afternoon.)  We can't do this without five more offers, and I believe the minimum we should be offering is five in each session (we really can't offer just four in one session and only three in the other) which means we still need another three workshops.  SO GET OUT THERE AND TWIST THE ARMS OF ANYONE LIKELY IN YOUR GROUP!
    It might be a good idea to distribute the workshop details we do have to our member groups, in the hope the wonderful selection of workshops might persuade more people to attend.
    I can't think of any other issues I should be dealing with, but if anyone believes I have been remiss in any way, then do let me know.
    See you all at the FEDfest on Saturday 5 November.