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Another one of us Murdered by the Police in Detroit

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  • Darnell
    Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Attorneys Demand Justice for Ronald Floyd Unarmed man was gunned down by two white officers, suit filed Abayomi
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
      Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Attorneys Demand
      Justice for Ronald Floyd

      Unarmed man was gunned down by two white officers, suit filed

      Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor
      Pan-African News Wire

      DETROIT, 4 May, 2004 (PANW)--Supporters and lawyers for
      Ronald Floyd held a news conference today to announce that
      they have filed suit in civil court for damages resulting
      from the shooting that occured April 19 at point blank range
      on Whitney street on the west side of the city.

      Floyd, 26, was wounded three times after exiting a vehicle to
      enter his home. Police had been called to the home by a
      neighbor who claimed that Floyd had a weapon. At the time of
      the shooting Floyd did not have a weapon in his possession.
      Consequently, supporters from the Detroit Coalition Against
      Police Brutality and two attorneys representing Ronald Floyd,
      say that the shooting was totally unjustified.

      After the two officers shot Mr. Floyd in the presence of his
      two-year-old son and his mother, the police raided the home
      without a warrant and ransacked the residence apparently
      seeking a firearm. No gun was found in the home after an
      exhaustive search.

      The attorneys, George Washington of Scheff and Washington and
      Ven Johnson of Fieger, Fieger, Kenney and Johnson, are
      serving as counsel for Ronald Floyd who filed suit Monday
      claiming damages in the millions of dollars. At present Mr.
      Floyd is not able to work due to his injuries and is facing
      months of recuperation.

      According to the Detroit Police, the two officers involved in
      the shooting have been taken off of street duty although
      Attorney Ven Johnson said at the press conference that "we do
      not have the names of the two officers involved."

      In today's press conference held at Steve's Soul Food
      restaurant on Grand River on the city's west side, the
      Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality's spokesperson Ron
      Scott said that "the coalition is demanding that the two
      officers who initiated this wanton and unprovoked shooting,
      which nearly caused a fatality and has disrupted the life of
      a family, be charged appropriately by the Wayne County
      Prosecutor and prosecuted."

      "If a person can't walk around their home without being shot,
      then nobody is safe in the city of Detroit," said Ron
      Scott. "This consent decree which is suppose to change the
      Detroit Police department has not changed it at all. Ron
      Floyd is an example that you can get shot for being in the
      wrong place at the wrong time," Scott continued.

      One of the attorneys for Mr. Floyd said that "it is literally
      a miracle that he is alive. He spent over a week in Henry
      Ford Hospital and still has bullets in his body, in his chest.

      George Washington, also an attorney for Ronald Floyd said
      that "I think what we have here are police officers who are
      trigger happy in the extreme. They never gave a warning.
      They never asked this man to come out. They never saw a gun.
      There never was a gun. They simply opened fire on a man
      behind his own home in the city of Detroit."

      Other speakers at the press conference included Ms. Sandra
      Hines representing Amnesty International, who expressed
      outrage at the shooting of Ronald Floyd. " I was also on the
      scene the night the incident took place and heard the victims
      say that Mr. Floyd was given no warning whatsoever that the
      police was going to shoot him or apprehend him in any way."

      "They indicated that the police ran towards the back of the
      house pulled out his gun and cocked it, and next thing they
      knew they heard three shots," Hines said.

      "Amnesty International is directly opposed to this kind of
      action and we are calling for these kind of cases to be tried
      and heard. Its happening all over the United States, its not
      just happening here in the city of Detroit. There has been
      an escalation of young black men being shot which is
      something we are investigating and looking at," Hines

      Mr. Chris White, representing People Investing in Detroit
      Enterprises (P.R.I.D.E.), also spoke at the news conference
      saying that Floyd was ambushed. "What will happen in the
      summer if we have officers conducting themselves in this
      manner," said White.

      "What will happen at the parks, Belle Isle and Chandler Park?
      What will happen all over the city? Is this the beginning of
      a new form of policing? This is unacceptable. These are good
      hard working citizens of Detroit. They are of my peer group
      and we have to go out everyday into these streets just to try
      to make it. And we don't want to have to go out with this
      type of fear, worried not only about police trying to harrass
      you but your own police department, that is supposed to
      protect and serve, pulling triggers and pulling out guns and
      harming innocent citizens. Its unacceptable," White

      "We are very concerned that we have a Mayor of our generation
      and he's said nothing and done nothing to help this family
      out. We are all of the same generation. We are supposed to
      be coming together to create better things, but the same
      exact things are happening all over again."
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