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19534The Dalek Painting Book [1964]

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  • TheDoctorsTalbotSamba-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Dec 10, 2013
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      Well, another high quality (but cheep) reproduction anyway!


      One of the first pieces of Dr Who (ok, Dalek) merchandise, and the first Dr Who (ok Dalek) Activity Book.    Contains some Dalek puzzles and pages to colour in. Some pictures to copy, a spaceman to dress up, dot to dots, dinosaurs fighting Daleks..and.. er.. a babe in a speedboat.  What more could you ask for?!


      This book is like the sister book to the 1964 Dalek Book (annual) and features some images redrawn from it.  And also some pages of (non-coloured) comic strip for you to colour yourself.


      People who have bought previous reproduction colouring books should have already had notification of this.  It will be about £7 including postage. Tad more abroad. Email for further details [see below].

      If anyone wishes a copy or information then please email   Arthur.Zactus AT Yahoo.co.uk     [Obviously substituting AT for @]  Sending your full real name and address, and paypal email address.  All details kept in strict confidentaility (Just incase you think your details will be passed along to another PPI company!).

      Please email before Sunday evening.  Thank you.