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19482Re: Zeg's Scanner R.I.P.

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  • zeg_the_dalek
    Sep 29, 2010
      Yep, tried all that. Even done a fresh install on my laptop.

      They aren't actually lines, more fades. It's like those particular points are misreading the colour and it continues all the way down the page. The colours are all the same, but the shade different. Very noticeable and annoying :-(

      --- In TheDoctorsTalbotSamba@yahoogroups.com, "Ian" <piggygruntebeest@...> wrote:
      > Have you tried turning it off and on again?!
      > My old scanner suddenly had a spasm and started producing green tinged
      > scans. But it was ok after turning off and back on. Had to re-install
      > the drivers once too as it stopped working.
      > Failing that.. have you checked to make sure that you havent left a
      > couple of streaks down the glass after cleaning it last?!
      > Ian
      > --- In TheDoctorsTalbotSamba@yahoogroups.com, "zeg_the_dalek"
      > <david_p_dovey@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Yep - It's a goner. Well it still tries to work, but it adds a couple
      > of vertical lines all the way down each page!
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