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Secrets of Sethian Gnosis, Kabbalah, and Sant Mat

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Secrets of Sethian Gnosis, Kabbalah, and Sant Mat The Sethians were an old Jewish Gnostic sect 2,000 years ago. Some of their writings were found in Egypt at
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      Secrets of Sethian Gnosis, Kabbalah, and Sant Mat

      The Sethians were an old Jewish Gnostic sect 2,000 years ago. Some
      of their writings were found in Egypt at Nag Hammadi:

      The concept of Five secret Names of God to be used as passwords to
      the Beyond, Inner Light and Sound mysticism, etc... goes back to
      them. I'm sure there is a historic connection between all these
      schools of spirituality: Gnosticism, the Essenes, Kabbalah,
      Christian mysticism, Sufism, and further to the East, Sant Mat.

      'Kosas' in an interesting word. In Sant Mat 'Kosha' or 'Kosh' is a
      term for the five sheaths or coverings (subtle bodies) that the soul
      wears. In addition to the physical body, there is the astral body,
      causal or akashic body, the mental, and the etheric. The number 5
      seems to often come up, both in Sant Mat and Kabbalah. The subtle
      bodies are connected with the five worlds or planes, and in Sant Mat
      there are "The Five Names", sacred words used during meditation.
      These also are associated with various levels or heavens and are
      usually not written down but kept secret until the day of

      I did a radio program recently featuring a talk by Rabbi Cooper. He
      said that Kabbalah teaches that there are different levels of the
      soul. In Sant Mat the soul's home is called Sat Lok, meaning 'True
      Realm', what the Sufis call 'Haq'. This is the first of four levels
      of Sach Khand. Beyond Sat Lok is Alakh Lok (Invisible realm), Agam
      Lok (Inconceivable realm), and the Ultimate Reality is described as
      Anami Lok (Nameless realm). God is considered nameless, timeless,
      formless, soundless, beyond light. In Sat Lok -- the first spiritual
      plane, souls remain individual 'drops' or 'sparks' of the divine.
      Beyond Sat Lok, souls progressively reach greater degrees of
      nearness to God, can merge into God and then return to an
      individualised state again. In the top plane, there is only the non-
      dual oneness of God, the Ocean of Love.

      All of these different "levels" or heavens are layers of illusion.
      The goal of the meditation practice is to rise above body and mind,
      and enter that timeless realm of pure spirit. There is a river of
      Light and Sound, given different names in various world religions:
      Tao, Logos, Word, Song of the Creator, Shabad Naam, OM, Saunt-e
      Sarmad. That is considered the True Name of God. By focusing on this
      Positive Power and becoming one with it, the soul makes this
      transition back Home. It's more of a shift in attention than it
      is "traveling" as in out of body OOBE's, though it looks and feels
      very much like that, going up a tunnel towards brighter and brighter
      manifestations of Light. The soul is already in heaven, Truth be
      told. It never left. It is in the soul realm and can be no place
      else. We Are That. Our true identity is soul. We can discover this
      in meditation when we tune out the five senses and start exploring
      Inner Space.

      I have some websites on Sant Mat. My radio website has a library
      section that includes online Sant Mat books:
      ***radio library - click the library tab***
      and my yahoo group Sant Mat Fellowship has much material scanned in
      from various Sant Mat classics:
      ***sant mat archive***

      Have a great day.

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