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Kabir's Bhakti Path, a Communion of Love

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Kabir s Bhakti Path, a Communion of Love Kabir has conceived of God, Raam, as one eminently attracting humanity to a Communion of Love, and of man s putting
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      Kabir's Bhakti Path, a Communion of Love

      "Kabir has conceived of God, Raam, as one eminently attracting
      humanity to a Communion of Love, and of man's putting his earthly
      life to its best use in responding to this. The resulting Communion
      of Love finds the devotee as totally absorbed into God as is humanly
      conceivable." (Chapter Seven, "Kabir's Bhakti", in, "The
      Encyclopedia of Saints of India, Volume Two: KABIR," Criterion
      Publications, New Delhi, India)

      The Wisdom of Kabir: Kabir 1008 Vani -- Nectar of Truth and
      Knowledge -- Essence of the Collection of Saakhis (The Kabir Saakhi
      Granth) in Simple Language and Style

      Living in this world for a short period is good, but instead of
      wasting one's life doing meaningless things, it is advisable to
      dedicate it to remembering God. What is the use of living for
      millions of years if one did not dedicate his time to self-
      introspection and remembering God, i.e. such life is a total waste;
      who will keep an account of it?

      My real happiness lies in the supreme 'Self'. And the rest in this
      world is nothing but distress. With one's mind, voice and deeds, one
      should remember Raam with a pious heart. Kabir Saheb says: 'The
      essence of life is in remembering God only'.

      The mind is very unsteady. It is not the type that would remember
      God just like that. It will remember God only when it is poked with
      the goad of true Knowledge [Gnosis, direct experience]. Kabir Saheb
      says: '...and then know for sure that this mind will not deviate and
      will engage itself in remembering God.'

      Concentrate your mind and remember the Supreme Being without saying
      anything. Close the outside doors, i.e. quieten your sensory organs
      and detach yourself from everything. Open the inside doors of your
      heart, i.e. open yourself internally and concentrate on meditating
      on God and remembering him.

      Remembering God is the simplest and easiest path which has already
      been shown by the Satguru. With the help of this device I remember
      God with each and every breath of mine, and I am sure this will
      enable me to see him one day, i.e. uttering the name of God
      continuously. Simply remembering God all the time is the easiest
      process (Sahaj) of leading a spiritual life which leads the devotee
      to his goal.

      You are remembering God in your heart. God resides in the same
      heart. You will get a huge store of true Knowledge in this very
      heart, i.e. you will find God and his transcendental Knowledge where
      you will find your supreme 'Self'.

      Devotion through remembering God brings every happiness to life and
      removes every distress of mind. Kabir Saheb says: 'Remember God! It
      has a wonderfully powerful attraction. By continuously remembering
      God, a time comes when the devoted servant (devotee) and the master
      (God) become one, i.e. he attains self-realization.

      Utter the name of Raam (God) continuously. Kabir says, 'Only
      devotees can understand the Mystery of the fact that there is
      nothing as compared to remembering God'.

      It is a bliss remembering God even for a moment. But only those, who
      practice it, know it. Remembering God is so easy that one does not
      have to spend a single penny on it. In fact one does not have to
      make any extra efforts to have the best results.

      Prayers of Guru Kabir

      '0 Supreme Being! I have become like You by remembering You all the
      time. There are no more self-conceit, attachments and desires of the
      world in me. I sacrifice myself on the true Knowledge of Your name,
      remembering which enables me to see You all around. There is nothing
      that exists other than You.'

      '0 the Eternal Raam of the temple of my heart! I lost 'my' existence
      in remembering You continuously. I have become one with You. I exist
      not without You now. My mind does not wander about any more. I and
      You are one now.' Raam.

      -- Guru Kabir, from, "Kabir 1008 Vani",
      compiled by Lalchand Doohan Jigyasu,
      translated by Kunwar Anil Kumar,
      Manoj Publications, Delhi, India.
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