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diabetic foot care; role of growth factor

Dear tanveerrahman70, I am sorry to answer a bit late but I was not home those last days. I completely agree with Oleg's answer. I have nothing more to say!!!
Isabelle DUMONT
Nov 29, 2009

Re: diabetic foot care; role of growth factor

Dear tanveerrahman70, There is a generally accepted principle that any ulcer needs 3 main conditions for healing: 1. Adequate blood inflow to foot (about 30%
Nov 29, 2009

diabetic foot care; role of growth factor

Hi i m a new member I m a doctor from Pakistan. I ve been treating patients with diabetic foot ulcers. I ve observed delay in response to treatment in some
Nov 16, 2009

RE: [TheDiabeticFoot] Multi-language communication / Ìíîãîÿç

Hello Oleg, The message is not in Cyrillic. De : TheDiabeticFoot@yahoogroups.com [mailto:TheDiabeticFoot@yahoogroups.com] De la part de Dr. Oleg Udovichenko
Isabelle DUMONT
Sep 15, 2008

RE: [TheDiabeticFoot] Test message #2 / ðÅßÐÍÁÍÅ ßÍÍÀÛ

I think that this time it is in Cyrillic. I should be able to have it in Cyrillic but I cannot read it because I arrange my daughter's computer so she is able
Isabelle DUMONT
Sep 15, 2008

Test message #2 / рЕЯРНБНЕ ЯННАЫЕМХЕ ╧2

Hello everybody, I repeat my test message but this time I will choose "Russian" as message language (in the bottom of posting form we see "What language is
Dr. Oleg Udovichenko
Sep 15, 2008

Multi-language communication / Ìíîãîÿçû÷íîå îáùåíè

Following is the test message in Russian. Dear Colleagues who are not Russian and normally can't read Cyrillic - could you please inform me what you see on
Dr. Oleg Udovichenko
Sep 15, 2008

Re: maybe the traditional way may help

in my country there are a lot of stuff like that. they said that it could be helpful in treatment flatfoot and over foot disorders/conditions. some of my
Jul 15, 2008

maybe the traditional way may help

anyone heard about this before, using a stone sandals to have a healthy foot and body? it may sound wierd... http://www.healthy-step.com
Jul 14, 2008

Wellcome to you Nikita

We are always happy to see new members. If you want me to make you a moderator,I would need just a bit more informations. If you want to stay a mysterious and
Dr Isabelle DUMONT
Jan 1, 2008

Re: DF Infection

dear Isabelle thank you very much for you advice and link sinserily yours timur
Jul 24, 2007

DF Infection

My dear Oleg, Timur and all the others, I do not know the answer to your question but Eric Senneville is a great specialist of infection in the DF. You should
Dr Isabelle DUMONT
Jul 23, 2007

P.aerogenosa problem

hello, dear colleges. of course you all recognize severity of P.aerogenosa infection. I want to ask you to share your expirience of treatment this kind of
Jul 16, 2007

Re: Number of antibiotics in treatment of MRSA infection

hello, Oleg I apologize for Great mistake I've made I didn't mean that I mean that we should NOT use monoptherapy because the great risk of resisitense
Jul 15, 2007

Re: Number of antibiotics in treatment of MRSA infection

Hi, Timur! ... patients ondergoing with Rif ... So you mean than monotherapy is bad? And I remember very well the article of Steffee and colleagues where they
Dr. Oleg Udovichenko
Jul 13, 2007
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