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    TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 27/05/05 Get this newsletter | Get news-free version | TDE-Weekly Archive ______ Quote: The water a cow laps turns into milk.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2005
      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 27/05/05

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      The water a cow laps turns into milk.
      The water a snake licks changes into poison.
      What are you turning what you touch into?

      -Zen Saying


      Funny "Star Wars" Flash Movie: Join the Organic Rebellion
      Dharma-Inspired Movie Review: Intergalactic Dharma Lessons from "Star Wars (Ep3)"

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      How A
      Pure Offering Was Made
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      Thich Nhat Hanh
      Do Heart or Brain Transplants Change Personality?
      Stonepeace Reflections | Silent Swirl Reflections
      Pledge for the Meatout Week 

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      Seeing My Eyes in Your Eyes

      When was the last time your really looked into anyone?

      I never paid much attention to the temple dog. Because he seemed to be constantly grouchy and bummed around a lot, sleeping, eating and getting fat. Yesterday, I found myself waiting for the elevator with him. With no one around and nothing much to do, I bended down and looked intently at him, stretching a beckoning hand. Suddenly, this dog which never showed any interest, walked towards me and looked up - with a never-seen-before shine in his eyes. Big an bright, there was a forlorn glint of sadness and wonder. Having had a bad day, my eyes probably looked sad too, as I look backed in wonder. It was a silent moment of connection. Just like I wished my life was otherwise, maybe he never wanted to be grouchy or fat. Maybe he wished for more than a dog's life.

      It struck me that when we look deep enough into anyone, it is difficult not to connect in some way. When we look hard with our sincerity and mindfulness, we will see the universal existential sadness that plagues us all - a quiet exasperation of unspoken Dukkha, of unsung sorrows hard to put into words. Of grief at the state of the world, at the state of our individual lives. How truly human we are is how deeply we connect with others, with our compassion and wisdom. When you show true concern in others, others tend to show true concern in you. Isn't it time to initiate this cycle of concern? When we connect, we see each other's sadness, and it resonates with us such that we can't just walk away - compassion arises naturally. Walking away would be denying others of their humanity, as much as it denies yours. Yes, it applies to cats and dogs too.

      I changed my handphone recently. As not all the stored numbers were transferred properly, text messages were received with numbers as senders instead of their names. At first, I was frustrated in not knowing who the senders were, before realising it doesn't really matter - most of the messages made sense and could be replied to without knowing who the sender was. I only needed to have equanimity, without like and dislike - especially since I did not know who was who, and treat every "anonymous" sender with equal patience and kindness. Likewise, the challenge is to treat those I like with less attachment and 
      those I dislike with less aversion. It was just a minor breakthrough - gazing "anonymously" at the "anonymous" dog with equanimity. In that moment, we were perfectly equal. Looking back, maybe it was a minor breakthrough for him too?
      -Shen Shi'an

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      Review: Response to "The 'Pesky' Pest Problem" 
      Excerpt: The Difference Between "Knowing About" & "Knowing"

      Wisdom has nothing to do with intellectual knowledge. Intellectual knowledge can be very helpful. It can clarify things. But there is an enormous difference between "knowing about" and "knowing." Knowing has a sense of direct experience. We could read many books on sugar, for example. We could learn its chemical components, how it's made, how it's produced, the different kinds of sugars, how long sugar has been used by the human race, the kinds of sugars we have in the body, how carbohydrates convert into sugar. We could become "experts" on sugar. But until we taste sugar, we do not know sugar. We only know about it.

      Wisdom occurs when we become what we experience. It is the nature of direct realisation to transform. Once this happens, we will naver be the same again. it doesn't mean that we are totally enlightened. Some people imagine that they are going to sit and meditate for a while and then, in the space of one minute, they're suddenly going to get this big breakthrough full of bright lights, trumpets, angels and flowers falling. It's not like that. Actually, when we meditate we do experience little breakthroughs, like tiny flashes of the unconditioned mind. But that's just the beginning of the process. It's certainly not the end.

      -Reflections on a Mountain Lake: Teachings on Practical Buddhism (Ani Tenzin Palmo)
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