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[TheDailyEnlightenment] #292 / Inter-Religious Organisation Buddhist Nite

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    ~The(almost)DailyEnlightenment-TDE#292~ A little Light of the Buddha-dhamma (possible only with YOUR contributions)
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      A little Light of the Buddha-dhamma
      (possible only with YOUR contributions)

      The Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO) was established in 1949.
      Its main aim is to promote inter-religious understanding, peace and goodwill
      among the peoples of our

      Since its founding, IRO has organised inter-faith prayer services, seminars,
      conferences and published several books and in-house bulletins in keeping
      with its objectives of promoting "Unity in Diversity" amongst its members.

      This year the IRO is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a 1-mth
      Inter-Religious Harmony Exhibition(started 20th June'99) and a Peforming
      Arts Programme for the various faiths. From 22 June'99 to 1 July'99,
      different nites are dedicated to different religions.

      This coming Friday, 25th June'99 is Buddhist Nite and we would like to
      invite all of you to join us at the National History Museum Lecture
      Theatrette(93 Stamford Road) from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. (Pls. note that the
      auditorium can seat between 80-120 people only)

      Ven. Guang Phing will be sharing with us the different aspects of Buddhist
      Culture and Bodhicitta (a Buddhist Group) as well as Youth Melody Choir will
      be entertaining us with Buddhist hymns.

      Do mark 25th June'99 in your calendar and make a date with us for that nite!
      We are looking forward to seeing YOU!

      Diana Lim / Eng Siew Cheng / Merlin Koh
      For Young Men's Buddhist Association, Singapore (YMBA)

      Buddha's Village Forum

      Welcome to Buddha's Village Forum, a discussion group on anything and
      everything to do with Buddhism and the way we can use it in our everyday
      life! You can read what others have posted, comment on their ideas, or start
      your own topic. Maybe you've just read an interesting teaching, or found
      some relevant information on the web you'd like to tell everyone about?
      Articles welcome. Please leave a message here, and help spread the Dharma...

      QUOTE: Hermit Thoughts

      Don't be surprised that modest hermits
      Hide among the highest peaks
      Nothing strange either in finding Dharma masters
      Amid boisterous crowds
      But stuck away from the world in a bottomless pit
      With nothing and with no one to care
      Now that
      That's thought provoking.

      -Thich Tue Sy: (What Book!? :Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop)
      ( http://www.levity.com/interbeing/whatwebsite.html )
      REALISATION: Ritual

      It is because we are human that we are beings not just of reason, but
      emotion too. This is why we need rituals to some extent, to mark the special
      moments (such as marriage vows and graduation ceremonies), especially that
      which are to be the spiritual turning points in our life, such as Going for
      Refuge in the Triple Gem. Sometimes however, we don't exactly need a strict
      ritual to mark an important moment...

      Give me a ritual
      I need a ritual, (though I shouldn't attach)
      Anything that suits my taste
      to solemnise
      to revitalise
      For me to put meaning,
      The thing I need
      to mark this moment
      this thought
      this resolution
      To etch it into my memory
      To make sacred what might otherwise pass me by
      as just another ordinary thing

      EXCERPT: Leaving Me

      (Dedicated to all Shian's friends and Phor Kark See Youth Mission)

      Zeph's Poem-Letter to the gang :
      Dearest Shiqin, Lynn, Ana, zM, sP, Stonpeace, Lianxi, Nowanden, Jay and

      I feel like I am leaving me.
      I will be going to study a Degree in Buddhism in the States* for 4 years
      in Dharma Realm Buddhist University : http://www.drba.org/
      I will be leaving all that I am familiar with,
      my friends and family,
      my favourite music (Depeche Mode)
      (for I will be under strict discipline in the Buddhist School)...
      I'm basically a music and movie and book person.
      And I'll be living without the first two,
      that which is obviously my entertainment
      (and subtle source of spiritual inspiration.)

      Leaving all I am familiar with,
      that which makes up my identity, "me."
      What am I without these things?
      No longer me?

      Almost scary... but it's not at all- it's liberating
      I'm going to be reborn as a new clean person,
      a stranger in a strange land.

      Then after 4 years,
      I'm coming back...
      as another stranger in a strange land,
      because my familiar friends and homeland might have changed
      to what I know not anymore.
      Losing everything we feel "important,"
      I might have nothing left to lose anymore-
      a kind of freedom.

      Almost scary... but it's not at all- it's liberating
      We are all changing, given chances to change.
      We are all leaving our "me."

      Are you leaving with me, leaving yourselves too?
      I hope to leave soon, and return soon,
      as a better person... to help teach others, with what I'd learnt,
      all part of my prodding ahead on the Bodhisattva path,
      trying, trying, trying...

      Take care everyone!
      Take care of each other.
      I'll be trying not to miss you all. :-]

      I'll try harder to treasure the moments we have together now,
      and not be attached to them when I leave.
      Any last words, anyone?


      Your Brother in the Dharma,
      *Buddhism is currently the fastest growing in the West, and is confirmed the
      fastest growing religion in USA.

      Metta-the Zephers: amituofo@...
      (From "Zeph's Adventures in Dharmaland")
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