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  • Hi Group, I am a retired teacher and some of my colleagues have asked me to make some costumes for upcoming shows and oversee all the costumes. What should I charge? I am making WW1 military costumes for the first show (6 of them....5 men one female). Thanks for your help. Carla Rich
    cfordrich@... Aug 28, 2013
  • If you are doing something for a High School, have the students make something that the department can use as stock. I had my high shool students make rehearsal skirts one year and the next we made capes. One year I had exceptional students and we made corsets....is all with non-sewers. Don't discount what they can do. --- On Wed, 6/11/08, catslave54 wrote: From: catslave54 Subject...
    Rich Carla Jun 17, 2008
  • Thank you Kate. This is awesome. Kate Murphy wrote: I would divide the grade into five categories, giving each the "weight" you feel is appropriate: 1) Overall appearance of finished garment: Does it look professional or home-made? Is it practical/wearable? Has the student chosen fabrics appropriate to the design of the garment? Is it washable/durable etc. 2) Quality/level of...
    Rich Carla May 9, 2008
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  • Hi All, I enjoy this group very much. You are all teaching me so much. Thank you for that. I teach a High School Tech Theatre Class with emphasis on Costuming. We build the shows for our High School as much as we can, buy lots of thrift store clothes I alter and rent the rest. We are finished with our shows for the year and their last project is to do something for themselves. We...
    Rich Carla May 9, 2008
  • I teach in a high school and I actually have a costuming class. We made rehearsal skirts lst year and did some of both, gored and gathered. We did waistbands on the gored skirts and drawstrings on the gathered skirts. They work really well and fit most all our girls. They are very handy. We used a cotton/poly blend. If you use all cotton, they wrinkle too badly. We did them all in...
    Rich Carla Feb 9, 2008