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Re: On writing a costume bid

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  • gsbse1
    Wow, That was incredibly helpful! I ve been told by the High School director here that I should go professional, I ve been sewing costumes for the highschool
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      Wow, That was incredibly helpful! I've been told by the High School director here that I
      should go professional, I've been sewing costumes for the highschool for 6 years now and
      love it. They give me a stipend when they can, honestly I'd do it for free for them, but have
      often wondered how I would know what to charge someone else.
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "catslave54" <zimmermanel@...>
      > How much time do you have? This could take PAGES to dicuss! Here's
      > the short version. First,ask them about the money. Their budget and
      > your fee are two separate things .This will stop you from being a
      > Dedicated Idiot for four weeks. I've taught theatres around town that
      > the basic cost is $50 to $100 PER COSTUME. It sounds outrageous,but
      > not if you consider that it includes everything including a costume
      > plot of who wears what,and when; and shoes,hats,jewelry, and
      > drycleaning afterwards.This counts even if you are renting the entire
      > show.Go online to a few Rental Houses and ask for a quote. Tell
      > yourself that you won't work for less than $10 per hour.You should do
      > a few Time Studies to see just how LONG it takes to build a dress or
      > doublet or tutu,or even run to the Thrift Stores; to have a
      > reasonable idea of this.I won't even CONSIDER a musical at a school
      > for less than a $1500 fee and a $2000 budget,because I know this
      > means 50 to 80 kids all double-cast and all different sizes.I know I
      > will need to fit in all my fittings during school hours,MAYBE have a
      > couple of moms who can sew,and I know how much costumes weigh,because
      > I will have to lug them around a lot! Do they want renderings? Do
      > they want you to run the show or just bring things in? All this
      > affects the price. People need to understand just how much time and
      > money costuming takes,people.We must teach them if we want to work
      > and be respected. Elizabeth
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