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Burn test Kit

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  • Siebel San
    I have a burn-test kit that I d like to sell, if anyone is interested. I bought it for a class, and we never used it, and the university book store won t buy
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      I have a burn-test kit that I'd like to sell, if anyone is interested.  I bought it for a class, and we never used it, and the university book store won't buy it back because they like to make a profit off the students.  None of the samples have been used, and the package was only opened in order for me to list what's inside.  There are 20 fiber samples (email me for the complete list) and a chart indicating what each fiber will do a) when approaching flame, b) when in flame, c) after removal from flame, d) what the ash looks like, and e) the ordor emitted.

      I don't recall exactly what I paid for the kit (only that my total book bill was over $300 and so far I've only gotten $18 back) but I'd like to try and sell it for $15, that is shipping included.  Make me an offer if that sounds too steep.  Email me at SiebelSan@... if interested.  Thanks :-)


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