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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Selling items from patterns?

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  • Aurora Celeste
    You need to contact the individual companies, because each company s policy is different. Giants like Simplicity or McCalls usually have a standard of 50
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2007
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      You need to contact the individual companies, because each company's policy
      is different. Giants like Simplicity or McCalls usually have a standard of
      50 pieces, meaning that you can sew from a pattern up to 50 pieces from
      their company. Each sewing has to have a separate pattern paid for by the
      client, the easiest way is to have the client buy the pattern and bring it
      to you and then give it back with the garment. Over the limit (in this case
      the 50 pieces) a sewer needs to get a commercial license from the company
      they are using. I recommend you search the terms of use on the big pattern
      company websites and if your sewers are using a smaller company have them
      research the company and provide you with terms of use along with the


      On 4/27/07, jackiekeizer <jackiekeizer@...> wrote:
      > Here is a bit of back ground to the question that I am hoping to get
      > some help on: For the past 21 years our Arts Council has sponsered
      > a huge wearable art show. The costumes are incredibly varied, wild,
      > and fun to make, but most would not fall into the truly 'art to wear'
      > category. However, a few of us like to also make things that *are*
      > wearable and so we proposed a second show, at a dfferent time of year,
      > to show off actual wearable media.
      > We are planning a runway show to be followed by a gallery exhibit
      > where the items from the runway, along with a few items from each
      > artist (optional) that are more 'ready to wear', could be for sale.
      > My question arises because we are currently trying to create the call
      > for artists and entry forms and are having a problem with defining
      > 'original' and setting the rules for entry.
      > What exactly is the copyright law on selling an item made from a
      > commercial pattern? There are many similar shows out there and I have
      > read all the prospectuses (prospectii?) and entry forms I can find.
      > Only one mentioned patterns, and it simply stated that "commercial
      > patterns may be used *only* if the use of fabrics and/or
      > embellishments make it unique or one of a kind." We will have a jury
      > process and would of course only accept items that looked 'unique and
      > one of a kind' but, if someone wants to sell an item made from a
      > pattern, is the quoted criteria enough? Is it OK to sell one or two,
      > but not mearket them in bulk? What are the standards?
      > We want to be proper and above board, so I thought I'd check to see if
      > anyone has some experience with this and can advise me further.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Jackie
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