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Russian Fashion 200 years

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  • Alexandre Vassiliev
    ALEXANDRE VASSILIEV www.vassiliev.com PARIS The press release The new unique exhibition of a fashion in Antwerp In the exposition - space of the church Saint
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      ALEXANDRE VASSILIEV www.vassiliev.com  PARIS The press release
      The new unique exhibition of a fashion in Antwerp
      In the exposition - space of the church Saint Joseph in Antwerp a unique exhibition of
      Historical costumes is planned for May 30 till August 31, 2002.
      This exhibition is called
      Russian Fashion.200 years.
      will introduce delightful dresses of Russian tsar's epoch, elegance of aristocracy and bright taste of Russian townspeople during the 18, 19 and 20 centuries.
      For the first time in Belgium this fashion products from the famous collection of the historian of mode and theatrical artist Alexander Vassiliev will be rotined, who lives in Paris.
      This collection with luster was rotined in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Santiago.
      The often visitor of Flanders, Alexander Vassiliev, just has finished the costumes for a world premiere of the theatre Jan Fabre for statement in Royal Ballet of Flanders. It is his sixth achievement for the Royal Ballet after , , , and .
      Former compere in Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp, his lectures listened to many famous Flemish stylists. Last 15 years Vassiliev is professor of history of arts in the National Higher School La Cambre, in Brussels.
      The interiors of his Parisian flat were scenes for more than ten logbooks on both parties of the Atlantic Ocean. (Visit http: // www.vassiliev.com/.)
      He - writer of the unique book , published in 2000 at the printing house in New York became bestseller in America and received a prize of the year for best-illustrated book. The scene of the book is embodied in a documentary serial.
      This exhibition is organized by affiliation from Antwerp'i being the writer and the organizer of many cultural international projects and which have perpetuated by installation of a monument of Peter I on Kloosterstraat in Antwerp.
      You can contact us for more information and cooperation to our address:
      Jan Palfijn str.47
      2060 Antwerp
      on telephones & fax: 0032 3 235 14 81
      or mobile 0497 16 08 14
      E-mail address: olessia.van_in@...
      Met vriendelijke groeten,
      Avec les meilleurs souhaits,
      With the best regards,
      � ���������� �����������,
      Olessia Van In
      tel./fax: 0032 3 235 14 81
      e-mail: olessia.van_in@...

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