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help on my fair lady ascot pattern

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  • teela depond
    THANK YOU! Cat Devereaux wrote: 1- my fair lady type ascot dress(black and white one with big bow) pattern This
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2007
      THANK YOU!

      Cat Devereaux <CatDevereaux@...> wrote: >>1-"my fair lady" type ascot dress(black and white one with big bow)

      This is really just a princess seamed dress that has been custom fit to the
      wearer. You're probably not going to find a fitted dress pattern with the
      high neck and long sleeves... but if you start with something that has
      regular sleeves, you can modify the neck up and the sleeves longer.

      The trick to getting that butt-hugging look of the dress is first always fit
      the pattern in the shaper/undergarments and heels the actress will be
      wearing and then fit the gown from center hip, waist and bust. After you've
      got that completely smooth, lightly pin the sides together... then start
      snuggling the fit around the rear. Fit it with no ease on your first try.
      After the back is tight readjust the sides. Cut a new muslin to true up
      your fitting and don't let the weird shape of the back panels (lots of
      curve), put you off. Cut the sides with about a 1 1/2 seam allowance. Pin
      baste from hip down. This time when you fit the dress... start adding a bit
      of ease... just on the sides, unless you've got wrinkles (and then adjust
      where needed.) Do test for stairs and sitting. The sides can be loosed
      amazing once you have that tuck under the rear.

      BTW... this custom pattern is exactly the same for under dress if you're
      going for the movie version of the embassy dress as well.

      Remember, full slimmer or girdle for every fitting... or you get the
      weirdest lumps.



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