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Re: Are costumers all overweight?

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  • Curtis
    ... I guess I m the exception to a lot of rules on here...this is another one. At 6 tall, I tip the scales at about 138 lbs on a really good day, normally
    Message 1 of 14 , Jan 10, 2007
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "catslave54"
      <zimmermanel@...> wrote:
      > My husband has remarked that most of my costumer friends are
      > overweight.I figure we all eat "when we can" while working towards a
      > deadline,and Bad Nutrition is better than No Nutrition. What are your
      > thoughts?

      I guess I'm the exception to a lot of 'rules' on here...this is
      another one. At 6' tall, I tip the scales at about 138 lbs on a
      really good day, normally closer to 135 lbs. (Don't tell me I need to
      eat more, I've tried that...my metabolism just goes into overdrive and
      burns it that much faster...)

      About a third of the costumers I have worked with were what I would
      consider overweight. Most of them fell into that vague 'average'
      category (meaning, basically, that they may not have been very fit,
      but they hid it well). There have been a few who are more like me
      (though not so extreme)--skinny and built to stay that way. I think
      the ratio is fairly indicative of the overall populace here in Utah.

      I do most of my costuming for an amusement park...so unlike many
      costumers, I do get plenty of work in. I have my sedentary time,
      sitting at the sewing machine, yes...but I have to be at dress
      rehearsals, which involves hiking across the park. Weekly, we have to
      take stuff to the cleaners, which involves lugging anywhere from 10 to
      50 lbs of laundry through a crowded park to the employees' parking
      lot. We don't have the luxury of motorized on-park transportation in
      our department, which means moving costumes into the performance
      spaces means dragging a loaded costume rack down the midway, and
      finding a replacement for a broken shoe between shows involves a mad
      dash past befuddled patrons to get from one of the theaters to the
      office, and our costume storage space. I'm not in fantastic shape, by
      any means...but I get my fair share of exercise at work.
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