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Re: Portfolio Pictures

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  • ~lisa.s
    Don t think of it as imposing on anyone s time to have production photographs made--actors, other designers, as well as directors need to have photo
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2006
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      Don't think of it as "imposing" on anyone's time to have production
      photographs made--actors, other designers, as well as directors need to
      have photo documentation of their work, too. Years ago, I started taking
      my own pictures, after the photographer hired to document the show
      totally screwed up the images, and I was left with nothing. Now, most
      often, I have a couple friends who are photographers for the local
      newspaper do the shooting for me--it's just easier if I fuss with the
      costumes and they fuss with getting the shot.

      Most of our shows run for three productions, and I usually schedule the
      photo call for after the second show. We try to keep the time down to 30
      or 45 minutes, at the most. The production staff gets together before
      hand to decide what shots to take. Usually working backwards, we stage
      certain scenes or moments. Trying to make the actors understand that if
      they shut-up and pay attention, things will run quicker, is often the
      hardest part.

      In this digital age, the images are on CD--the pros shoot digital to
      begun with, and if I do do the photographing, I have the processing
      place burn a CD for me. I then make the pictures available to the cast,
      crew, and the college, for publicity purposes.

      I teach at a community college, and this is the first year in several
      where one of my students will be heading off to a four year school to
      study costume design. We designed his portfolio in two parts--physical
      and digital. The actual renderings, working drawings and
      photographs--never smaller than 4x6, most often 8x10 (or larger if the
      detail warrants it), matted and mounted for presentation. The other part
      is on CD--the renderings and drawings are digitally scanned (Kinkos does
      a super job, but I'm sure any good copy shop would, too) then merged
      with the photographs and burned to CD. The student also designed a website.


      > I'm with the Tallahassee Little Theatre in Tallahassee Florida.
      > I'm definitely going to start taking them during dress parade as we
      > call it. I just hated to impose on the show's rehearsal time and we
      > always have an archive photographer take pics so I figured I could
      > always get copies of their pics.
      > What size format works best for portfolios?

      ~lisa.s * llsturts@...
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