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Re: Update to "Is It Just Me?"

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  • metholhill
    Hi Andrea, I have worked with a school for 7 years now. For the first 6 shows as a volunteer and for the last one I actually got the costumers going rate -
    Message 1 of 7 , May 13 10:40 AM
      Hi Andrea,
      I have worked with a school for 7 years now. For the first 6 shows
      as a volunteer and for the last one I actually got the costumers
      going rate - which I asked for and received. I am currently working
      on the next production as we speak and with a paycheque and the
      title of Costume Director. I am so sorry that your experience has
      not been a good one and I am so sorry that the director does not
      appreciate your time, contributions, talent and monetary injections
      into his/her shows. It is bad enough that you had to endure the
      unruly children without the support of the director/staff at the
      I think that in time they will come to realize how much they miss
      your input, but for now I agree the best thing you can do is to
      either walk away being the better person, or yes I do agree that a
      letter explaining "volunteerism" is in order and wishing them well
      would be good too. I know that my first instinct would be to let
      them know what I think of them, but burning bridges and all that.
      The best revenge of course would be to start your own costume
      business. Have you considered that? I am in the process of doing
      that myself and I have also found another school to volunteer at. I
      have been very fortunate in that the staff I work with support me
      always. I wish you the best, feel free to email me if you want.
      Patricia - Costume Lady Creations

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      <dabehrens@...> wrote:
      > I agree with everyone else that you will be appreciated elsewhere!
      > You stated in your initial post that:
      > "in addition to not getting paid, I also pay for everything I need
      > year to execute the costumes for the 7th grade production."
      > If I were you, get in to the costume storage (if you still can)
      > remove any and all costumes that you paid for with your own money
      > sewed with your own volunteer time. Good grief, you OWN those
      > and shouldn't leave them there. They have no idea how much you've
      > for them, so let them find out when they have nothing to wear next
      > because all the costumes you've sewn for the past 6 years are gone.
      > Annie
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      > <aluciano@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Since everyone was so great about responding to my last query,
      > thought I'd let you all know that today I received a letter from
      > teacher/director (for whom I have busted a gut for six years
      > firing me as the volunteer costumer for the medieval production at
      > son's former school! I am gobsmacked -- and all because I told
      > that they had to exercise better control over the kids if they
      > me to continue doing the costumes.
      > >
      > > Andrea
      > > New York City
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