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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... Too late for the advice now, since you ve already had the meeting...but, if the director s opinion has ANY validity, then why is this the first year you ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2006
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      > From: "Andrea Luciano" <aluciano@...>
      > Subject: Is it Just Me?
      > -- I met with the director yesterday, supposedly to talk
      > about what it would take for me to continue to costume
      > this production, only to have her tell me that a big part
      > of the problem is that my "standards" are too high and
      > the kids will never be able to appreciate my costumes in
      > the way that they should.

      Too late for the advice now, since you've already had the
      meeting...but, if the director's opinion has ANY validity,
      then why is this the first year you've had a problem?
      Sounds like somebody's scapegoating, and you were the poor
      soul that drew the short straw, so to speak.

      I've done children's theater, too...and yes, they can be a
      boisterous bunch and get a bit carried away at times. But
      I have NEVER seen a group of kids get to the point where
      they were having the issues you described--because the
      directors I've worked with have always, in no uncertain
      terms, made it known that they will not tolerate that kind
      of behavior.

      That story makes me thankful that the biggest headache I'm
      dealing with right now is an operations manager who keeps
      forgetting that the rehearsal schedule needs slots built in
      for costume fittings (this, in spite of the fact that we've
      had veritable cat-fights for the last three years because
      the fittings that he manages to shoe-horn into the schedule
      always run long and eat into rehearsal time.) THAT, I can
      deal with. In your situation, yeah--I'd quit. And I
      wouldn't look back. Life is too short to go looking for
      that kind of aggravation. When the organization can come
      to you with assurances that your work will be given proper
      consideration (Yeah, they are kids, some allowances should
      be made...but THAT was just ridiculous!), then I'd start
      thinking about going back.

      Curtis Kidd
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