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RE: [TheCostumersManifesto] Re: Insulting things to happen to costumers

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  • Elizabeth
    Some of the best advice I have read in a real long time..... Elizabeth gonna print it out and keep it on my sewing wall ... From:
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      Some of the best advice I have read in a real long time.....


      gonna print it out and keep it on my sewing wall

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      --- Can you blame me?
      >Heck NO!

      I don't have many horror stories, only because I really don't let
      them happen.
      My thinking is, I'm here for the fun ('cause sure not for the money),
      I'm doing it as long as it satisfies me.
      What can they do? Fire you?
      I also think that costume designers are the hardest working people in
      Think about it. You have to be familiar with the script, the period,
      the characters -just like the girector.
      Then you have to be familiar with the actors' bodies and take that
      into consigeration too.
      And you better be familiar with colors and their effects, how the
      light changes them, what mood you can acheive with them etc etc.
      How your colors work together and with the set and I could go on and
      on as you all could.
      Now, tell me who else has to think of all that?
      After you figured that all out you can make the costumes too. And
      that involves running around, sometimes (in my case) travel hours to
      fabric shops.
      Do the fittings, deal with actors' egos and directors' ignorance.
      Sorry to say, that most of the "directors" don't know you know what
      about crusial things regarding costumes!
      Now, you understand I'm talking about community theatres.
      Years ago I made up my mind I wasn't gonna do it for their pretty
      faces. They have to pay for my work.
      After all, I can't do any real work whem I'm doing this, right?
      So I get paid, the problem is I always ask for a lump payment and
      then I decide what and how.
      Yes, you guessed, always end up with change in my own pocket.
      My own stupidity, shouldn't spend so much on "stuff", but can't help
      Geez, this is getting too long!
      Anyway, for all of these reasons I do not let directors tell me what
      they want (well, they can give me wishlist and then I tell THEM, what
      they can or cannot have) and don't let them change anything in the
      cast 2 weeks before opening.Take it or leave it.
      They seem to be eager to take it ,I had to start saying no at times.
      I even told a producer I refuse to work with a certain director, he
      has to find someone else for costumes.
      He found another director.

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