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Re: XL-plus mens patterns

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  • tjchatham
    ... draft ... Lisa, A 65 waist is a size 6X not 4X (that s ONLY about a 54 waist). I ve sewn for the very big... not pants, thank goodness, just shirts and
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 8, 2006
      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "~lisa.s" <llsturts@...>
      > Does anyone know of a line of commercial patterns that caters to the
      > "big and tall" man? I've got to costume an actor who's at least a 4X.
      > His waist measurement is 65 inches. I really don't have time to a
      > trouser pattern.
      > Any suggestions would be of a great help.
      > ~lisa.s
      > --
      A 65" waist is a size 6X not 4X (that's ONLY about a 54" waist).
      I've sewn for the very big... not pants, thank goodness, just shirts
      and tops. But it isn't going to be easy to find commercial patterns.
      I've always just taken measurements and drafted my own patterns.

      There's a list on-line of some larger patterns for men. It's at
      2Fmenspatt.html They have a list of some bigger sizes, but a lot of
      the very big ones are patterns that are discontinued. Maybe these
      could be found on eBay or some "vintage" pattern sites.

      Only Simplicity goes up to 5X and only for underwear shorts 4758 and a
      shirt and vest pattern 4975. They also have some unisex scrubs and
      casual wear that goes only to 3X, but that's a ways off for you to
      adjust. A 3X is only a 50-52" waist.

      I keep hearing about a company called Polar Bear Sewing Patterns at
      http://www.total.net/~lours/ but everytime I try to log on, I'm
      blocked by a "Forbidden" message. Even googled the company name with
      no luck...only the same addy with the same message. Maybe you would
      have more success with it.

      There are more patterns and even books on sewing for larger women...
      but not for men. There are several lists on-line for big men's
      clothing and accessories. But good luck trying to find patterns for a
      6X. Could regular clothing be adapted? Could you take a pattern from
      some of his "best-fitting" clothing to make patterns for him?
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