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  • ecomaas@aol.com
    In a message dated 1/10/2006 5:00:20 A.M. Central Standard Time, ... What part of the country did this theft happen? Patty [Non-text portions of this message
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2006
      In a message dated 1/10/2006 5:00:20 A.M. Central Standard Time,
      TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com writes:

      > > Some beautiful, painstakingly handmade costumes and jewelry were stolen
      > > Saturday (1/7) from a car in front of an SCA friend of mines' house off
      > > 680 & Hostetter. Just thought somebody might see this on Ebay or
      > > something. There is a link to pictures of everything. ~Elise
      > >

      What part of the country did this theft happen? Patty

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    • Curtis Kidd
      ... I have heard of the sort, though I ve had mostly very good luck with directors (the worst experience I had was while working with an opera company...they
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 10, 2006
        > From: Molly Dewane <mwprncra@...>
        > Subject: Pay for Talent
        > I don't think you'll get lynched, Curtis. :) You make
        > some good points. I, too, have directed, and it is a lot
        > of work. I have yet to see many good directors. The
        > last director with whom I worked had the stage manager do
        > all of the work and the woman was nasty and impossible.

        I have heard of the sort, though I've had mostly very good
        luck with directors (the worst experience I had was while
        working with an opera company...they tried, in an attempt
        to shave a few dollars off the budget, to have him do two
        one-act operas instead of a full-length, thinking that, as
        they were smaller shows, they wouldn't be as expensive to
        produce. He spent as much, or more, on EACH show as was
        spent on any of the full-length productions they did that
        same year--was extremely demanding, incredibly inflexible,
        and responsible for the single worst tech week of my
        theatrical career--rehearsals until midnight, then MORE
        work on stuff for his show until 3 am, and then back at
        work at 9 am (still on his stuff) for pretty much the
        entire day, because everyone else was willing to compromise
        a little bit on their shows).

        > In my part
        > of the country, there are non-union theaters organized as
        > 501c3 organizations with no union affiliation (not even
        > an AEA 99-seat). Yet these groups won't call themselves
        > "community theater." They prefer "independent" or
        > "storefront" theater. It is so pretentious. If the work
        > done by these so-called "independent" or "storefront"
        > groups did consistent, quality work, that would be one
        > thing. However, most often, you will see last minute,
        > half-assed work.

        *dry chuckle* Yeah, 'community theater' is kind of a dirty
        word for a lot of the people I work with..."This is so
        community-theater..." is a fairly common declaration
        whenever things start to come apart at the seams (not just
        costumes). I can see why they avoid the name...but the
        name change should be supported by an attitude change.

        > P.S. "Seussical" is a darling show for youth theater.

        It's a very cute show...one of the theaters I work for just
        wrapped up their production of it. It CAN become a very
        big show, in a hurry...depending on the space in which
        you're working, I could envision some ways of doing it
        fairly simply, however.

        I think my favorite youth theater production was Alice in
        Wonderland...but I'm biased, it was my first-ever youth
        theater production.

        > From: K Murphy <costumerkate@...>
        > Subject: What's the most insulting thing that's ever
        > happened to you as a costumer?
        > In light of the discussions lately about the value of our
        > work and so forth, I was just wondering if you all have
        > stories about the absolute worst, most insulting thing
        > you've had happen in your professional capacity.

        I've actually had incredibly good luck, and don't really
        have too many horror stories--especially not insulting
        ones. Probably the closest thing was having a costume
        designer I was working with insist on having a dozen
        custom-built masks done in a week--but I was a theater
        student at the time, it was a school production, so all my
        professors sympathetically looked the other way while I
        skipped all my classes for a week to work on them.

        I've been more perturbed that some costumers we've
        contracted work to have misrepresented their abilities...we
        had one woman who came in for her interview and said "If
        you show me a picture of it, I can build it". So we gave
        her the dresses for the closing number we were doing in the
        show. She did alright with the corsetted tops (all she had
        to do on those was add some D-rings down the front)...but
        that was the ONLY thing she got right. The skirts weren't
        even the right style, the hemlines were way too long, and
        the tops (under the corsets) looked like peasant blouses
        (not a combination that works too well for a kind of
        flamenco-flavored number). After the production designer
        explained all the alterations to be made, she did a
        completely half-assed job of making the alterations...never
        did line ANY of them, despite her declaration in the
        interview that EVERY stage costume should be lined...as a
        costumer, I was insulted at the way she mis-represented our
        community as a whole.

        > From: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger <costumrs@...>
        > Subject: Fw: OT: SCA 12th Night Costume STOLEN
        > Hello all - just passing this along, the more people that
        > know about
        > it, the less chance the bad guys have of getting rid of
        > it....

        Do you know from which part of the country (assuming it was
        still in the USA) this outfit was stolen? It baffles me
        that someone would steal it...outside of the SCA, I don't
        know too many people that would have use for it. Inside
        the SCA, unless you relocated to another kingdom after the
        theft, you'd probably never be able to wear it again (and a
        few of the stolen items you'd never be able to use without
        some explanation, as they are awards granted within the SCA
        and wearing them without earning them is like painting
        crosshairs on your forehead and asking someone to smack
        you...) But, then again, most criminals don't seem to be
        very rational individuals...

        Curtis Kidd
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