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Pay for Talent

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  • Molly Dewane
    I don t think you ll get lynched, Curtis. :) You make some good points. I, too, have directed, and it is a lot of work. I have yet to see many good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2006
      I don't think you'll get lynched, Curtis. :) You make some good points. I, too, have directed, and it is a lot of work. I have yet to see many good directors. The last director with whom I worked had the stage manager do all of the work and the woman was nasty and impossible. She lacked the credentials and experience and made the cast and crew unhappy with her nastiness. I think, though, at least in my case, is the attitude that costuming is just pulling clothing and matching outfits. IThere is the attitude there is no skill required. t's so much more than that as any costumer will attest! I did a favor to a director friend and costumed "The Odd Couple." I despise the show but I felt some loyalty to the theater so I did it. It was more work than just pulling clothing. As you say, though, community theater needs loyal volunteers to survive. It seems, though, that few community theaters recognize the common sense mantra of treating their volunteers well. There are some
      community theaters doing outstanding work. In my part of the country, there are non-union theaters organized as 501c3 organizations with no union affiliation (not even an AEA 99-seat). Yet these groups won't call themselves "community theater." They prefer "independent" or "storefront" theater. It is so pretentious. If the work done by these so-called "independent" or "storefront" groups did consistent, quality work, that would be one thing. However, most often, you will see last minute, half-assed work. In their arrogance, a design volunteer (yes, I've designed for these groups, too) are unlikely to even spell your name correctly in the program. I guess I had the benefit of really good training in theater and none of what I described would ever have happened where I received my training. For me, at least in the last year, I'm disgusted and that's why I've become picky with whom I work. Enjoy the day, everyone-Molly

      P.S. "Seussical" is a darling show for youth theater. There's also "I'm Really Rosie." Good luck with your show!

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