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Re: Armscye?

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  • Rebecca Ballard
    I found this description here (http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/cloth/glossary.html) which mentions the word scye and sey : Armscye (Armseye) *
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 31, 2005
      I found this description here
      which mentions the word "scye" and "sey":

      Armscye (Armseye)

      * It's not a term that is particularly medieval, but it gets tossed
      around a lot in medieval clothing discussions. It means 'Armhole', or
      that roundish place in the body of a garment that the sleeve gets set
      * OED "Scye - The opening in a coat into which a sleeve is inserted.
      1st listed use is 1825 JAMIESON Suppl. s.v. Sey, The sey of a gown or
      shift is the opening through which the arm passes. Etymology is listed
      as "A use of a Scots and Ulster dialect word (written also sey, sci,
      si, sie, sy in glossaries) meaning 'the opening of a gown, etc., into
      which the sleeve is inserted; the part of the dress between the armpit
      and the chest' (E.D.D.); of obscure etymology.
      * Armseye is listed in a description of 'Dolman' (sleeves) in the
      OED, dated to 1934.

      Interesting! =)


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      > > Armscye
      > > This has been a question of mine for a long time, but it just came up
      > > again today. I am trying to find the history of this word. All I have
      > > found is that scye is in the OED as the opening of a coat or gown into
      > > which the sleeves are inserted. Anyone know any more than that? I
      > > asked another group of "crafty", but not specifically costume people.
      > > What about the armscye vs. armseye question. I was always taught
      > > armscye, but (have found in my quick search) that armseye may be more
      > > common?
      > > Thanks
      > >
      > I recently read a blurb on this word but I can't remember where... The
      > upshot was that the common idea was that armscye was dreived from
      > scythe, which was in imitation of that curve of the scythe. BUT that it
      > was bunk/urban legend. The proper word was armseye and the other was a
      > misspelling that has turned into common usage.
      > Now, where did I read that...
      > Alyxx
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