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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] working at fashion shoot

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  • K Murphy
    Hi Poppy: Around Chicago $300/day is kind of a minimum, but that s negotiable for a longer job, and I can t speak for Hawaii. Unless you can contact the
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 4, 2005
      Hi Poppy:

      Around Chicago $300/day is kind of a minimum, but that's negotiable for a longer job, and I can't speak for Hawaii.

      Unless you can contact the stylist in advance, I would advise you to take everything you could possibly need with you, just in case. You can always leave it in your car to avoid looking stupid if you don't need it, and if you do need it...well, you won't look stupid.

      I remember a job I did for Disney once, as an assistant to an assistant...I had to do everything from shop the fabric, appear on the set to do measurements, and finish the drapes all in one day before they "lost the light"...all based on a couple words over the phone, "Can you make some bunting for us?" from the lady who hired me.

      Take a steamer and/or iron, tons of safety pins, a sewing machine, gaffers tape, etc. etc. etc. Early in my career I caught a big job with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. (anyone remember "Up Up and Away????) and if I hadn't been prepared, I think my career would have ended right then and there.

      Most probably you will be doing what no one else wants to do all day, maybe even drying dupicates in a dryer all day...but what the heck...it's a job, and more fun than "You want fries with that," right? Do whatever they want with a smile on your face, as long as they are paying you well.

      Good Luck!

      Kate Murphy

      Poppy Shell <poppyshell@...> wrote:
      ALOHA: I am a theater costumer on the small island of Kauai. I have been
      contacted to work as a wardrobe assistant for a catalog fashion shoot from a
      big NYC department store. I know alot about costuming, quick changes and
      emergency safety pin repairs, but I must admit I've never done this sort of
      thing before. I will be working for the stylist and his assistant. These
      will be mostly Male models for their spring/summer catolog.
      ANY hints out there on what will be expected of me, what supplies I should
      bring and what is normal pay for this (they are paying $175 daily, with long
      days and three evening shoots for about two weeks, one day off in the
      middle). It sounds fun, but exhausting - would appreciate any heads up I
      could get from you all. Thanks. Poppy on Kauai

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