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Re: Navy Uniforms

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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... Depending on the duration of your show run and the size of the actor, it may be worth the effort to hop on eBay and buy one. I don t know what a rental
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2005
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      > From: "llsturts" <llsturts@...>
      > Subject: WWII Navy Uniform
      > My next job up is costuming a stage adaption of "It's a
      > Wonderful Life"
      > and I need a WWII Navy Officer's uniform. Can anyone
      > recommend a rental
      > house?

      Depending on the duration of your show run and the size of
      the actor, it may be worth the effort to hop on eBay and
      buy one. I don't know what a rental house would charge to
      rent a costume like that--I had to come up with one for our
      summer show and most rental places don't have a contract
      for a five-month rental...the ones who do wanted so much
      that it was far more affordable to just buy it outright.

      The nice thing about Navy uniforms (and Marine uni's, too)
      is that they haven't changed significantly since WWII
      (actually, the Marine dress uni's haven't changed much
      since the late 20's). This proved very helpful because
      men, on average, are larger now than they were in the 40's
      (the average-sized uniforms I found when shopping at the
      start of the summer were a great fit for the smallest guys
      in the cast...but we had two guys that needed 44L jackets,
      and THAT is a tall order in vintage uniforms!)

      But as the uniforms have stayed basically the same for so
      long, I was able to get newer Navy and Marine stuff for the
      larger guys, and use the smaller, vintage stuff (USN
      enlisted, Army Air Corps, etc) on the smaller guys. Some
      of the outfits were very pricey...others I picked up for
      under $100. If the rental is going to cost anything close
      to that, it's an option worth considering. (I'd offer to
      rent ours to you, but the park owners don't believe in
      renting out costumes, no matter how often I try to explain
      that it would provide an additional source of income for
      the entertainment department...wish I understood the logic
      behind refusing what would basically be a pure-profit
      venture, but I shouldn't complain, it does keep my life

      Good luck!

      Curtis Kidd
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