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  • tjchatham
    ... to Connie ... nightmare, ... greater service. A ... course, they ... store in ... Patty, I too am a big fan of Baers.... I ve shopped there for over 30
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 17, 2005
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      --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, ecomaas@a... wrote:
      > I second the favorable vote for Baer fabrics. I, too, have spoken
      to Connie
      > in the mail order department. She has bailed me out of a costume
      > and I am forever grateful. Baer has a great selection, and
      greater service. A
      > friend of mine at the Lousiville Ballet says they use Baer. (Of
      course, they
      > are right there, but they feel lucky to have such a great fabric
      store in
      > such a small town.)> Patty in Illinois
      I too am a big fan of Baers.... I've shopped there for over 30 years
      and have always come away with great service and a bundle of
      goodies. In fact, some of the same people that waited on me last
      Saturday were around 30 years ago when I first wandered in to the
      old downtown Baers and was waited on by Ol' Mr. Baer himself!
      I have to take exception to your depiction of Louisville as a small
      town, though. Have you ever been there? It's the 16th largest city
      in the US and it has a bit of everything for everyone. But it still
      has the "feeling" of a "hometown". (And it's pronounced "Loo'a vul"
      if you're a hometowner!) People actually speak to you and welcome
      you... and store clerks are actually eager to wait on you and make
      sure you get everything you need.... not like some other places I've
      lived! I don't live there now... but I'm not so far away that I
      can't slip back into town for a good "let's go crazy" shopping trip
      to Baer's. Would you believe I dropped over $170 in just braids and
      chain?... and a couple yards of red velvet.
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