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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Digest Number 1392

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  • Dianne & Greg Stucki
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      > Hi!
      > I have a shop that has undergone several reincarnations. I do keep most
      > of
      > my patterns in a filing cabinet but I like the horizontaly wide kind of
      > cabinet . It is less deep and therefore easier to search for the
      > particular
      > pattern that you need at present, (usually when time is important).

      I have a four-drawer filing cabinet in which I keep my patterns.

      The top drawer is all Simplicity costume patterns, arranged in numerical
      order. The next drawer is McCalls, and a few Butterick patterns (again, all
      costume pattern.)

      The third drawer, and the one I find myself opening the most, is the
      patterns from the smaller companies. I have my Reconstructing History
      patterns, Alter Years, Fantasy Fashions, and Period Patterns all in this
      drawer. The Margo Anderson patterns are bulky enough that they are stored in
      a BIG three-ring binder along with their manual. These patterns get LOTS of

      The final drawer is craft patterns (purses, dolls, etc) and the few regular
      clothing patterns I bother to purchase. I enjoy costume sewing much more
      than everyday clothing!

      The other thing I do is to transfer every pattern, once opened, into gallon
      sized freezer bags. I put the pattern envelope in the front. Saves trying to
      cram everything back in that little paper envelope!

      Fabric storage, OTOH, is a real problem. I don't have an enormous stash, but
      it does take up space! Especially since nearly all of it is four yard or
      longer pieces--hard to get an Elizabethan gown out of less than six yards of
      60" fabric! I have small children, so even if I had the space, a separate
      workroom is not currently feasible. I sew at the kitchen table. I have a big
      old footlocker in the kitchen right, but it's so crammed with fabric it
      doesn't even close, and fabric on rolls is in the 3 y.o.'s bedroom closet.
      (Hey, he doesn't have anything that needs to be hung yet, it's a convenient

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