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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... Epoxy. WalMart (and I m sure, others, but that s where I saw these) has started carrying epoxy with the two parts packed in a single syringe-type
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2005
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      > From: Sylvia Rognstad <sylvia@...>
      > Subject: teardrop net
      > Has anyone seen the net they sell at Joanns that has
      > little teardrops
      > on it? I think it is so cool and since I have a stock of
      > net already,
      > am wondering if I could make the teardrops myself. I
      > thought it would
      > make good fairy costumes for Halloween. Hot glue beads
      > well but I
      > don't think it is transparent enough. Anyone have any
      > suggestions?

      Epoxy. WalMart (and I'm sure, others, but that's where I
      saw these) has started carrying epoxy with the two parts
      packed in a single syringe-type dispenser. As you push
      down, equal portions of resin and hardener are dispensed.
      That particular packaging approach has been around for a
      long time, and you still had to mix the two once you got
      them out of the tube...BUT!!!---

      The NEW packaging I've seen comes with a tube which
      attaches to the end, and PREMIXES the two parts. I haven't
      tried it out yet...but I have gotten trace amounts of epoxy
      on my clothes in other projects...and after four years of
      heavy use, the epoxy is still there.

      The trick is, you'd have to use it fast once you started,
      because I can't imagine that the stuff in the tube doesn't
      set up. The packages come with two tubes...and the epoxy
      sets up pretty much completely clear, and shiny as long as
      you don't bump it while it's in the thickened-but-not-set

      Or, if you didn't want to go to the trouble of running a
      little plunger for a long stretch at a time, you could use
      regular epoxy, mix it as normal, and use a toothpick or
      matchstick or something similar to put the droplets in
      place. Either way, it's going to involve a lot of fine
      detail work.

      Good luck! Sounds like a fun project...I hope it works out
      for you. We have shopped for occasional costume pieces on
      eBay, for our shows...so there's a market there, it's just
      a question of how large it is at any given time.

      Curtis Kidd
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