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Re: belt clasps?

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  • bearhedded
    Not sure if this ll work or not, but they re pretty! http://shop.store.yahoo.com/nakedsheep/pewdalofnorc.html Otherwise, couldn t you put a plain hook and eye
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 8, 2005
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      Not sure if this'll work or not, but they're pretty!
      Otherwise, couldn't you put a plain hook and eye on your belt,
      and decorate the top with jewelry parts, like your friend made her
      necklace at the bottom of that first link?

    • tjchatham
      ... this ... for ... Lucia, Every once in a while I have an occasion to either make or repair a cope ..... a religious vestment that is a large cape with a
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 9, 2005
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        --- In TheCostumersManifesto@yahoogroups.com, "Alex"
        <scholomance@c...> wrote:
        > I'm working on an 1480's Florentine ensemble similar to the one at
        > Jen's fabulous site here:
        > http://homepage.mac.com/festive_attyre/research/15thdiary/page1.html
        > Anyway, for the finishing touch I'm going to need a belt for the
        > giornea. Ideally, I plan to do one in silver and one in gold.
        > However, I've no idea where to purchase the clasp necessary for
        > item.
        > This picture shows the belt a little more closely so you can get an
        > idea of what I'm talking about.
        > http://homepage.mac.com/festive_attyre/gallery/giornea/gio1.html
        > If anyone knows where I might purchase this item I'd be grateful
        > the information! Thank you.
        > Regards,
        > Lucia

        Every once in a while I have an occasion to either make or repair
        a "cope"..... a religious vestment that is a large "cape" with a
        heavy clasp on the front. I have compiled a list of folks who make or
        carry nice heavy clasps. Some of these can be used at the neck or on
        a belt. Maybe you can find something in one of these that would serve
        your purpose. There's a variety of styles and prices.... $4 to $60 or
        more, depending of the metal or plating and whether the clasp is hand
        made or "stamped" by machine.

        www.cloakmaker.com/clasps/celtic.html There are also "european"
        and "viking" sections of clasps.

        Hope you find something that you like.
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