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Skin adhesives

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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... If you re working with small enough materials, eyelash adhesive will work to glue stuff on. If you go with anything that s got some real texture or weight
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2005
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      > From: Kathleen Kinard <belle_vivre@...>
      > Subject: skin adhesives
      > So, I am brainstorming for a couple of masquerade
      > costumes- and I want something sparkly and magical,
      > whatever i end up going with... Several years ago, I
      > attempted a 'necklace' of plastic rhinestones attached
      > with spirit gum... (dont know the age of the spirit
      > gum, I had pilfered it from our theatre department
      > *dont worry, I put it back!*) Anywho- it looked pretty
      > long enough to take pictures, but as soon as I started
      > to move and my skin flex, off the started to fall...

      If you're working with small enough materials, eyelash
      adhesive will work to glue stuff on. If you go with
      anything that's got some real texture or weight to it
      (medium or large rhinestones, anything larger than that),
      I'd recommend a prosthetic adhesive. There are several
      brands on the market, we've used Ben Nye's at work with
      generally good results but I was really impressed with
      Kryolan's adhesive (just finished off my last bottle of it,
      time to re-stock!) Prosthetic adhesives are designed to
      grip as well as spirit gum, but they do not become brittle
      over time, they remain flexible and are very good for
      glueing stuff to skin.

      Another hint, if you're using large items--glue using the
      smallest amount of surface possible. A larger surface will
      allow more adhesive to hold stuff down, yes--but it will
      also get stretched and pulled more by your skin trying to
      move. A smaller surface will allow for more flex.

      If you go with prosthetic adhesive, here are two very
      important points--

      1) Make sure you get adhesive remover! It doesn't
      necessarily need to be the specific brand of the adhesive,
      but you'll want something to help take it off faster.

      2) Use it like contact cement--apply it to the items
      you're glueing onto your skin, and then apply small spots
      of it to your skin. When both surfaces are dry to the
      touch, press the items onto the skin.

      Good luck! We've used this technique a lot at work. If
      anyone has another good alternative, I'd love to hear about

      Curtis Kidd
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