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  • Sarah P
    ... Hmm...I d do the same for the ushers, too, matching each one to the time period of each bridesmaids dress. While doing that, you could give each pair
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2000
      > > How you would dress a bridesmaid?
      >Well, five or so attendants, each in a different time period would be
      >neat. It would allow finding a flattering style for each girl, and
      >the whole look could be pulled together by using similar color
      >choices. What to do with the ushers, though..

      Hmm...I'd do the same for the ushers, too, matching each one to the time
      period of each bridesmaids' dress. While doing that, you could give each
      pair coordinating colors and arrange them so that they'd be in chronological
      order when in the processional and stuff. Doing that, there could be one
      color that went with everything that was used with everyone for the
      through-line that ties it all together. Sounds like a fun project.

      Oh, and about IAWL...have you thought about looking at colleges and
      universities in your area (that have theatre departments) to see about maybe
      renting costumes from them? Someone somewhere might have 1940's dresses (or
      whatever time period) in a size 3 or so. Coats and things, too. Most
      places don't charge too outlandishly for rent. Also remember that sizes
      back then were on a different scale. A size 8 of today would fit a 10, 12,
      or 14 from then. Hancock's Fabrics and JoAnn's Fabrics often have their
      "Retro/Vintage" patterns on sale sometimes, along with other patterns. I've
      seen them for as little as $.99 each. $1.99 isn't too uncommon either. And
      Wal-Mart has $1.00-a-yard fabric on sale, too, from time to time. They've
      also got rayon challis prints for a reasonable price, and their calicos
      aren't too bad either. The patterns of the prints aren't too far-off from
      '30's and '40's prints either. Usually. Check out discount fabric stores
      if there are any in your area, too. You can find great buys on nice
      material, buttons, lace, trim, etc. at places like that. The best are ones
      that have been in business for many years. They tend to keep fabric the
      likes of which you'd never find in a regular fabric store ever
      again--Original vintage fabrics and novelties! Whoo-hoo! I hope this helps
      a little in your search. Good luck!

      Berry College Theatre Co.
      (All this I learned over the summer at a theatre with a small budget and
      while designing for a student-run One-act festival with almost no budget at
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