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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Life-casting and facial hair

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  • Robert Goodwin
    So I m a little late in replying to the Alginate/Lifecasting and Facial Hair thread. I ll reply to a few messages here. Maggie Baker says; ... I ve done a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2005
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      So I'm a little late in replying to the "Alginate/Lifecasting and Facial
      Hair" thread. I'll reply to a few messages here.

      Maggie Baker says;

      > Yes, you are going to have to cover your beard with
      > jelly in order to make it work. And, unfortunately,
      > you are going to have to REALLY lay it on. I would use

      I've done a number of castings, and have used petroleum jelly on the
      lightly-haired spots like sideburns and eyebrows. Someone else mentioned
      used a small bar of soap with some water in a baggie. The resulting mess
      after maybe a day is pretty much massaged into the mustache.

      I casted someone with a handlebar mustache and it came out pretty good.
      You could see the individual hairs after I made the positive.

      Curtis Kidd says;

      > The worst-case (and more likely) scenario is that, even
      > with the petroleum jelly, the alginate will dry in your
      > bead and tear itself apart when you go to remove the mold.

      I had that similar problem, when I had a small chunk of alginate get stuck
      in the mustache, causing a blue booger of sorts. It was pretty funny. I
      was able to get it back onto the main negative before creating the
      positive. However, out of all this used, the softened soap and jelly...

      I've seen in some drug stores and beauty shops something called hair
      cholesterol. Has anyone used this?

      Paul Watson says;

      > The best advice I can give is use some water soluble
      > personal lubricant such as KY Jelly, petroleum jelly
      > does run the risk of damaging the alginate mould as

      Interesting suggestion. How does the jelly run the risk of damaging the
      alginate? You're going to fill it up with your casting material shortly
      after you remove it from your model, are you? Either way, whether oil or
      water, it's absorbed by the alginate and casting material.

      > Speaking of glasses, if you wear glasses, take the
      > time to pack some newsprint around them if you plan on
      > still wearing them after (the alginate will envelop
      > then and you could both ruin the mould and your glasses

      Do you have pics of this? I've not done this yet. Do you do it in such a
      way that the positive only shows the glasses, nothing behind them?

      I lifecasted my brother some months ago, and he's claustrophobic. He made
      it all the way up to when I finished putting the final layer of plaster
      bandage on him, before he had me remove the casting from him. His wife was
      with him, talking with him, so he didn't freak out at first. I'm still
      amazed the guy made it all the way through. Normally, to do a good job, I
      do the casting in a bit over 45 minutes. This time was a bit under 35,
      since I was moving so fast. The positive came out well, though. I told him
      what to expect beforehand, yet he still wanted to do it.

      And yes, for those of you who are reading my sig below are wondering, I am
      deaf, though I lipread and talk well and have hearing aids on. I do tend
      to use a hearing assistant for an extra layer of safety, so if I don't
      hear noises the model makes, the hearing person will.

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