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A little about everything today...;)

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  • Curtis Kidd
    Wow...so much stuff to respond to! It s kind of exciting... Thanks to all who have, thus far, chipped in on the uniforms. Just as a clarification, so if
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      Wow...so much stuff to respond to! It's kind of

      Thanks to all who have, thus far, chipped in on the
      uniforms. Just as a clarification, so if anyone else is
      going to suggest the same stuff I've heard thus far:

      This show will be running for four months. Most places
      around here want enough for rentals that it would become
      prohibitively expensive to rent. I'd thought about the
      idea, but don't really consider it an option.

      We are not necessarily worried about being totally
      accurate. This is a nostalgia number, we can afford to
      play up the romantic image of the soldier going off to war.
      It's also the closing number of the show (which is a
      musical revue), so these costumes have to be grand enough
      to provide a 'capper' to the whole show...which means the
      officers' uniforms are basically a must. We can cheat a
      lot of things (we're already cheating shoes, we can
      probably get away with pants and shirts...) but the jackets
      and hats have to look good.

      Depending on how things proceed, I may be contacting a few
      of you directly to ask if you can do a little shopping for

      In regards to the pregnant suit--birdseed or rice would
      probably be your best bet. Metal shot would add weight
      really quickly, yes...but thirty pounds of metal shot does
      not add up to much bulk, which is another part of the
      challenge. If you really wanted to freak them out, you
      could have a remote-controlled object in the belly that
      would kick them at random intervals, too...;) The corset
      sounds like an interesting idea, except that the corset
      would actually HELP them hold up the weight while standing.
      I'd definitely add something around the chest, though, so
      that there's enough bulk that it still kind of crushes into
      the gut if they try and bend over.

      RE: Beauty and the Beast. I am, actually, making
      prosthetics for a production locally this very week (just
      finished the face cast of the actor tonight!) I would
      recommend that instead of a mask...there are a lot of
      aspects of a performance that you lose going with a mask on
      a character like that. If you don't have a makeup artist
      in the area that can do it, it may be possible that the
      prosthetics I make would fit your actor, as well (there's a
      certain amount of leeway in sizes, after all, when you're
      dealing with facial features). I could make you a couple
      of sets, if you are interested. I could also get you in
      touch with our costume designer here, if you'd like to ask
      her about ideas (or the director, if you might be
      interested in renting the costumes.

      Thanks again for the feedback from everyone!

      Curtis Kidd
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