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Fat Suits

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  • Curtis Kidd
    ... I haven t built one, but I ve had to use padded items for some of the shows I ve done (somebody else did the work, or I d give more advice on that). Based
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
      > From: Sylvia Rognstad <sylvia@...>
      > Subject: Making a fat suit
      > Does anyone know of any websites that give instructions
      > on making fat
      > suits or body padding? I've only done a bit of padding
      > work in the
      > past and need to make a fat suit for an actor who plays
      > Gertrude Stein.
      > I'm not sure whether to try quilt batting or foam and I
      > could use some
      > tips on construction. Also what type foam to use if I go
      > that route
      > and where to find it.

      I haven't built one, but I've had to use padded items for
      some of the shows I've done (somebody else did the work, or
      I'd give more advice on that). Based on my experience with
      those, I would have this to say--

      For an honest-to-goodness fat suit (as opposed to just
      adding padding to bulk someone up a little bit), I'd use
      foam padding (the same kind you can find for sleeping pads,
      etc...make sure it's open-celled, because that's lighter
      and at least a little cooler) to build up the bulk of the
      costume, then use batting as the outer layer because it
      will give a soft finish so you don't have a bunch of odd
      corners and bumps. If you just use batting, it can bunch
      up, sag, and deform very easily. Using the sheet batting,
      as opposed to the loose stuff, will help prevent this--but
      I don't know if it will stop it completely.

      Curtis Kidd
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