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OT: Ebay listings for Renaissance Garb

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  • greycatdesigns
    Hey all! I don t usually do this... but it s 2am, so I m feeling a little kooky. ;) I m in the process of cleaning out the prototype closet--these are all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 11:10 PM
      Hey all!

      I don't usually do this... but it's 2am, so I'm feeling a little
      kooky. ;)

      I'm in the process of cleaning out the "prototype" closet--these are
      all 1st or 2nd generation gowns, most of which have evolved into the
      standard items I carry in my catalog today. The stuff I have listed
      up on Ebay is generally size M or L, women's, since that's the model
      size I've been using (ie: ME. *grin*)

      Right now we have some great garb up for grabs--so if you're
      interested, check it out. :)


      -Laura Dake
      GreyCat Designs

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