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Re: [TheCostumersManifesto] Laughing Moon Pattern 100

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  • Julia Logan Trimarco
    I haven t seen the instructions you re talking about, but it doesn t make sense to me either. Twill tape sewn to the corset would insure that the waist doesn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2002
      I haven't seen the instructions you're talking about, but it doesn't make
      sense to me either.
      Twill tape sewn to the corset would insure that the waist doesn't stretch
      out, and stays true to the original measurement. True, it doesn't seem like
      bias would do anything useful.
      As far as sewing it to the lining versus the outside: if you're referring to
      a FLATlining, then true, it would be prettier to sew it to the flatlining,
      so it would not show on the outside. However, if you are talking about a
      bag lining, of some flimsy material, the tape wouldn't have enough
      stability. I would sew it either to the flatlining, or to the outside (sewn
      neatly). After all, it is underwear, and corsets usually have many
      topstitching lines showing. One can always make a decorative corset-cover
      if it is meant to be seen.

      Julia Trimarco

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      >If this has already been covered, please tell me what post(s)
      >I am reading the corset instuction sheet and am perplexed by
      >something. Specifically, what purpose does sewing bias tape to the
      >waistline serve and why on earth would you sew it to the inside of
      >the corset where the stitching will show on the outside and not to
      >the lining? I have read about adding twill tape to the waistline
      >presumable to the lining but not bias tape which offers no stability
      >at all. I must be misunderstanding something in the instructions,

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